I’ma Changin Things Up!

Over my time away, I often thought about all of you and my blog. I missed you and writing things. I didn’t miss doing the grocery sales. I found it to be too stressful. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with the weekly posts with the additional energy to share my thoughts and recipes. Ugh, too much!! Now my health is worse so I’m thinking that I will only create posts for recipes and also just to tell stories about my life. That’s what my blog was always about anyway. Something for all of you to have for when I am gone. A little piece of me left behind, so to speak.

This is how I want to be remembered!

For those of you who are grumbling about me not sharing the weekly sales with you, I say, “Too damn bad!”. lol 😁 You should have taken notes and learned what I was teaching you! Don’t worry, I’ll give you a link here to one post where I summed it all up. Then you are on your own. I hope that I taught you all some ways to save money!

Grocery Shopping – https://lisasalsworld.ca/2017/07/14/grocery-shopping-how-to-save-the-most/

Online Shopping Tips – https://lisasalsworld.ca/2017/06/06/online-shopping-tips/

You know, I’m not liking this new editor here. I keep losing my paragraphs and I haven’t figured out how to spell check! Let me tell you, when you have a special computer that tracks your eyes to type and then your work disappears… FREAK OUT happens! Like just now. I had it finished but it would not save or let me publish – minus a spell check cause I don’t know how – only to lose everything. Huhhhhhhhh. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

Look at that stomach! Man, was I fit or what?

Anyhoo, I’m tired. Hey guys, I just typed this twice! lol How about I leave you with some recipes from myself and some fellow bloggers? Perfect for summer and the hot weather. Summer has finally arrived here in Ottawa. We had no spring and suddenly the heat arrived. I’m glad that we have air conditioning here at St. Vincent Hospital. A nurse told me that back when they didn’t have it, people died because of the heat! Let’s say “Amen” for air conditioning! lol Ahhh, simple needs!

Stay healthy and have fun!

15 thoughts on “I’ma Changin Things Up!

  1. Wow!!!!!!

    I remember when Aunt Nik got you those fancy cleaning gloves for Christmas. lolol – the best!!!

    I am seriously worried about flyers and cross check pricing across multiple stores. Although you’ve taught us all well … it’s something you’ve been spoiling us with because you make it look easy. I find it overwhelming when I try. Then adding price match to that introduces a whole new dimension.

    You are amazing with that stuff!!!

    I love that pic of you and the best bartender EVER!!! In fact, I think I took that pic!!! Yup – that’s you – abs of steele!!!

    Excuse me … I have a lattice work deep dish apple pie to make!!!!

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    • No, no, no, no! I got those rubber gloves as a gift from Scott’s work Christmas party and I regifted them to Aunt Nick! lol That is why it was so funny! Ahh, the art of the regift! lol
      I expect pictures of your deep dish apple pie! You’re doing great! xo


      • Lisa!!!!

        It’s November 14, 2020!

        Wow – so much going on … I thought for sure you might post something about roasting marshmallows while your fan caught fire and almost burned down the hospital … any excuse to get those firemen over there!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think about you guys too. I have been dealing with, well I guess it is a slump. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I’m trying to shake it off. I keep trying to write a post but they seem to end up sounding like a poor me post! Nobody needs to read something like that. I’m trying and I am hoping to be back soon! Miss you! Thanks for looking for me. It means more than you know.

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