Grocery Shopping – How To Save The Most

I have been thinking about all of the advice that I’ve given you over the many flyer reviews and I’m wondering if anyone is lost. Are you? I thought that I should maybe do a quick post to sum it all up for you. Okay?

If you shop mostly in store…

Go to Loblaws and get yourself a PC Plus reward card. Why? Because every time you shop at Loblaws (or the Super Store), You are going to get points that turn into FREE GROCERIES! Woo-hoo!

Download Flipp to your smart phones. Why? Because both Loblaws and Walmart offer Ad Match. Flipp is an app for your phone that shows you ALL of the flyers. And using Flipp (or by bringing the actual flyers with you), you don’t have to drive all over the city trying to get the sales. Just go to Loblaws with your PC Points card and your phone (or flyers) and get the sales there. Plus you will earn free groceries while you’re at it – which is why I didn’t say Walmart. Remember – Ad Match only works for advertised sales which brings me to my next point…

Your next stop after Loblaws is Walmart. If you are shopping primarily in-store, you’re going to want to shop at both Loblaws AND Walmart. Why? Because while Loblaws offers Ad Match and you can get all of the advertised sales there, Loblaws is more expensive than Walmart for your every day things. If you don’t shop online, which I think that you should but I can’t make you (can I? lol), Walmart will save you money on everything that is NOT advertised.

Okay, for those of you who shop online…

Walmart offers you the best service when you shop online. You can still shop at Loblaws for their sales and PC products. You can link your PC Plus card to your online profile so you can earn free groceries still but watch the expiry dates. Walmart, however offers their online shoppers Ad Match. Loblaws does not.

Join Ebates! I know, I know! I keep harping on you about Ebates but it is sooo worth it! Even if you only ever shop at Amazon to get Walmart’s prices on pantry staples and household supplies, you will earn money just for shopping. But let’s be honest! There is going to be a day where you want/need to order flowers, book a trip, find the perfect pair of shoes (hey, it could happen!), find something or anything and it’s going to be online. Why not earn money when you do so? Ebates is the answer. Click the link below or find Ebates on your own. I earn a tiny referral fee if you follow my link.

Click HERE to join Ebates

I hope that this was helpful! Let me know your thoughts. Happy shopping! Oh and Ebates has International sites for those of you that are in the States or overseas.


13 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping – How To Save The Most

  1. Shopping at Superstore, collecting PC points, and price matching with my Flipp app is EXACTLY how I shop. It’s crazy how fast the points add up and you’re always getting the best price!!!

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  2. We get pc points for gas at superstore gas bars and we did our phone upgrades at pc mobile and received 250,000 pc points. That is 250 dollars handed to us and we kept our carriers we were originally with.

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    • That’s great Pam! My Aunt saves her points until Christmas time to help financially when buying gifts stretches the wallet. And I do all of my shopping online through Ebates and I’ve earned over $1000 doing that! So easy!


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