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This post is a follow-up to my last post about shopping tips. Everyone is always asking me where I find the things that I buy and how I get the great deals that I find. I will first admit that I’m a bit, a teeny tiny bit of a shopaholic! lol Okay, okay, I’m a huge one but that just works in your favor. I know what I’m talking about!

In the last shopping post, I told you all to join Ebates. I don’t think that I clearly explained what you could earn cash back on. My cousin, you know who you are, needed a new toilet and went to Home Depot to get one. I asked if she ordered it through Ebates so she would earn some cash back and she said no. No! I then realized that I had failed you all!

In response to my failure, I’m going to spend a minute here explaining Ebates. Ebates is basically an online mall. Anything that you can imagine is on there. All you have to do to earn money is sign up. For those of you that are wary of giving up your personal information to a website, know that the only information needed to sign up is your name, email and home address. No banking or financial information is needed.

The next step is to look for whatever you are shopping for. You can look for a specific store or can look under the section specific to that item. For example, lets say that you need a new garden shed. You can look directly at Home Depot or you can look under the Home Improvement stores. There you will find all of the stores available and you can look for coupon codes under a certain store. Then you click shop now and you will be redirected to that store. Easy peasy!

Sign up to Ebates here

The next tip that I want to share is about I have been noticing that when something goes on sale at Walmart, Amazon often matches the price. I’m talking about household items and even pantry goods. Now Walmart is not on Ebates but Amazon is. If you can wait a few days – Amazon has amazing turnaround when it comes to order date and receiving your items – you should shop at Amazon. The best part is that you will earn money for buying the same items that you would have anyways! And at the same price! The other thing that I like about Amazon is that they have hard to find things. Plus if you ever have a problem, they really help you solve it with little effort on your part!

Okay, that’s it for today! Happy shopping everyone!


Look at my pretty pink hair extensions that I found on Amazon for a great price AND I earned some of that money back! Win-win!

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