Happy Canada Day Weekend and er, Your Grocery Sales

July 1st marks Canada's 150th birthday! Happy Canada day everyone! There are so many things to do this weekend so what are your plans? Are you going to brave the crowds and security measures to make your way to Parliament Hill? Watch the show and the fireworks right on the Hill? Maybe you'll find a … Continue reading Happy Canada Day Weekend and er, Your Grocery Sales

Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Did anyone notice that I completely forgot about Metro last week? Yeah, totally slipped my mind. And, here's the really bad part, I had emailed myself a list of the sales! I saw it the next day and thought, well that's a dumb-ass move! lol To avoid missing it again, I think that I will … Continue reading Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Aunt Paul’s Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells

This recipe was inspired first, by a recipe that I had found on the AllRecipes site (I'll provide the link at the end) and secondly by a recipe on the back of the Italpasta jumbo shells package. You see, I had emailed the Allrecipe one to my family awhile back and it was a huge … Continue reading Aunt Paul’s Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells

This Week’s Flyer Review – Yummy Food Sales

I have to say that coming up to Father's Day weekend, I'm supremely dissatisfied with the sales this week! I would have thought that I would see great sales on steak and meat in general. I know, I know that I'm falling into that stereotypical thinking that all men want a whole side of beef … Continue reading This Week’s Flyer Review – Yummy Food Sales

Pork Souvlaki And Home-Made Tzatziki

One of my favourite types of food was Mediterranean food. I could have happily lived solely on it. Well, okay maybe that's not true because I loved eating a great number of styles of food but I could have eaten a whole lot more! Except octopus! I draw the line on my beloved Mediterranean food … Continue reading Pork Souvlaki And Home-Made Tzatziki

Just A Quick Post…

Today was the ALS Walk here in Ottawa, Ontario. I want to thank all of you that donated and/or participated in the Walk! I have not been feeling well this week so it's even more important to me that you spent your Saturday walking on my behalf. And for those who are living with this … Continue reading Just A Quick Post…

Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

This week Loblaws makes it back into the running. I will say, however, that if Metro finally gets with the times and starts online shopping like Walmart and Loblaws has, Loblaws will be in trouble. Especially if FreshCo and Food Basics join the game. People are busy and the convenience of shopping online the day … Continue reading Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Cousin Kim’s Healthy Chicken Burgers

My cousin Kim is a beautiful woman who, for some reason believes that she needs to lose weight. Isn't that how it is with us women? We are sooooo hard on ourselves! Even me! In my last post about shopping, I put a picture of myself with my pink hair extensions. Do you know what … Continue reading Cousin Kim’s Healthy Chicken Burgers