Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Have you seen the new flyers for Walmart? I’m not impressed! It’s all chopped up. One minute you’re looking at food and then it’s Halloween candy, costumes and gear – then you’re in household supplies, electronics and then food again!? I feel like I’m at Ikea but I don’t know the secret shortcuts! Smart marketing for them, problem for me because I have to go through the whole stupid flyer!

The flyers are all about Halloween. Even Amazon has a huge Halloween section complete with costumes and gear! If you belong to Ebates, shopping for Halloween at Amazon would be beneficial monetarily.

I’m going to only highlight a few sales per “aisle” for each grocer. For the full flyer, I will provide a link. For tips on saving money while grocery shopping, follow this link…

Grocery Shopping – How to Save the Most

Sobeys: 3 romaine hearts – 2 for $5, Villaggio bread or buns – $2.49, pie pumpkins – 2 for $3, Oasis premium OJ – $4.99

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Metro: fresh pork tenderloin value pack or back ribs – $3.44 lb, fresh chicken leg quarters – .99¢ lb, Greenfield wieners – $3.99, Maple Leaf bacon – $4.99, artichokes – 4 for $5, avocados 5 – $2.99, 12 croissants – $3.99, Beatrice chocolate milk – .99¢, Philadelphia cream cheese blocks – $2.99

Link to Metro Flyer

Food Basics: royal gala, golden delicious, McIntosh or Cortland apples – .67¢ lb, Maxwell House coffee – $4.88, Philadelphia cream cheese lg tubs, Kraft cheese slices or Cheez Whiz – $2.97, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream – $3.33, carrots or yellow onions – .97¢, Irresistables frozen fruit – $2.99

Link to Food Basics Flyer

FreshCo: fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs, fresh mild or hot Italian sausages – $1.75 lb, Ontario acorn or butternut squash – .50¢ lb, Dempster’s whole grains breads or tortillas – $2, Clover Leaf tuna or Habitant soup – $1, Christie cookies or Nature Valley granola bars – $1.50, cauliflower – $2, blackberries – $1.50, Catch of the Day fillets – $8.99, Aunt Jemima pancake mix or syrup – $2, Hunt’s pasta sauce – $1, Minute Maid, Nestea or Five Alive juice boxes – $2

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Loblaws: boneless striploin steaks AAA – $6.99 lb, PC bacon – $4.99, Allen’s juice or cocktail – $2, PC pesto – $2.99, Duncan Hines cake mixes $1, Breyer’s gelato or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – $5

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Walmart: Campbell’s condensed soups – .47¢, 3 rainbow peppers – $1.77, pineapple – $1.97, Kool-Aid jammers – $1.97, Old El Paso taco kits – $2.94, Silk Almond milk – $3.47

Link to Walmart Flyer

No Frills: Armstrong cheese blocks – $3.77, extra lean ground beef – $2.97 lb, broccoli or celery – .77¢, Nestle bottled water 24 – $1.88, Quaker instant oatmeal, Dare Bear Paws, Breton crackers or Mott’s fruitsations – $1.97

Link to No Frills Flyer

Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

  1. booo walmart flyer (not a halloween “boo” but a not cool booooo)

    Excellent buck a soup!
    Also, I picked up a pint of B&J at sobeys and discovered non- dairy so got one for my nieces! We now have the stuff to make homemade so mom will teach how for those lucky girls!!!
    Pasta sauce a buck!!!!! yeahhhh!!!

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