Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

This week I think that I will do these posts from now on. I have already told everyone how to save the most while both grocery shopping and online shopping. For those of you that are new, I will provide a link to my previous posts so you have a point of reference.

From this post on, I will only list the top sales for each “aisle” of the store. I will not list the size but still provide you with the link so you can know the sizes for when you Ad Match. It is just too hard for me to type all of that. I have to use this little on-screen keyboard with the two cameras tracking my eye movements. I end up feeling cross-eyed three days in a row! Every week I am starting to put it off more and more. Soooooooo…let’s just make this easier on me okay? Okay!

Thanksgiving and Halloween rule the flyers this week…

How to Save the Most Grocery Shopping


Sobeys: I have to say that if you take a look at the Sobeys flyer you will see that aside from the odd sale items, they are generally so much more expensive than the other grocers. Beets – 2 for $3, 6 croissants – $1.99

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Metro: prime rib roast AA – $5.44 lb, Selection bacon – $2.99, carrots or cooking onions – .99¢, Green Giant frozen veggies – $1.99, Europe’s Best frozen fruit – $2.99, Folgers coffee – $6.88, 3 pack sweet peppers – $2.99, Eagle Brand condensed milk – $2.99, Bick’s pickles – $2.99, Lactancia cream – $2.49

Link to Metro Flyer

FreshCo: 10 lb bag of carrots, cooking onions, white potatoes or 7 lb red onions – $1.99, lemons or kiwis – $2.49, large Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.99, Villaggio bread or buns – $2.29, Dempsters English muffins – $1.99, Silani feta cheese – $2.99, Brandt Kolbassa – $3.49, Tetley tea or Old El Paso kits or salsa – $2.99, Grace condensed milk – $1.99, Pillsbury Crescents – .99¢, Natural creams – $1.99

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Food Basics: strawberries, blackberries, pineapples, cranberries, 10 lb yellow potatoes or cooking onions – $1.88, Lactancia butter – $2.88, Butterball or naturally raised turkey – $1.47 lb, Christie or Dare crackers – $1.77, fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs – $1.88 lb, assorted squash – .88¢ lb, Catch of the Day Alaskan Pollock – $4.99 soooo cheap, Hershey’s Chipits – $2.99

Link to Food Basics Flyer

No Frills: Maple Leaf bacon – $2.97, frozen utility turkey – .95¢ lb, Country Harvest bread or bagels – $1.97, Farmer’s Market McIntosh, Golden Delicious or Cortland apples – $2.97, Mastro salami or Mini Babybell – $2.97, Old Mill English muffins – .97¢, Maxwell House coffee – $6.97, Silk Almond milk – $2.97, Neilson cream – $1.97, Classico pasta sauce – $1.97

Link to No Frills Flyer

Loblaws: whole beef tenderloin – $8.99 lb, PC butter infused turkey – $1.49 lb, cauliflower or cantaloupes – 4 for $5, blueberries or 3 English cucumbers – 2 for $6, PC raw frozen zipperback shrimp – $6.99, PC frozen fruit or Breyer’s Creamery style ice cream – $3.99, Black Diamond cheese bars or PC cheese – $3.99, Rooster coconut milk – .89¢

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Walmart: Neilson butter – $2.97, Armstrong cheese blocks – $3.77, top sirloin beef roast AAA – $4.77 lb, Ocean Spray or Clamato – $1.88, Europe’s Best frozen fruit or Tenderflake frozen pie shells – $2.97, International Delight creamers – $1.88, Del Monte canned pineapple – $1.47, green beans – $1.77 lb, brussel sprouts – $1.97 lb, 5 avocados – $2.97

Link to Walmart Flyer

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I’m going to sobeys to get me some croissants – I will eat one right in the store / if they are fresh I will smile … if they are not, I will smile at the thought of putting them back xo

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