Grocery Shopping – How To Save The Most

I have been thinking about all of the advice that I've given you over the many flyer reviews and I'm wondering if anyone is lost. Are you? I thought that I should maybe do a quick post to sum it all up for you. Okay? If you shop mostly in store... Go to Loblaws and … Continue reading Grocery Shopping – How To Save The Most

Your Weekly Grocery Sales

This week's sales are leaning towards Loblaws being a winner. Here is the thing though. Aside from the sales that I will list below, Walmart is always a winner for pricing. They are sneaky bastards with their advertising but they do have good prices. Walmart has been advertising their beef because they have upgraded the … Continue reading Your Weekly Grocery Sales

This Week’s Grocery Sales

I have seen the light! It still amazes me that Walmart is being so sneaky but I see the progression of their advertising campaign. As you know, Walmart has been running with their "New Lower Prices" ads since the beginning of the year. Now, NOW, they have introduced their latest product. Canadian AAA grade beef … Continue reading This Week’s Grocery Sales

Flyer Review – Groceries

Before I start my flyer review, I would like to apologize for being a day late. You see, I have a very special computer that tracks my eye movements so I can control my wonderful computer. I don't have the use of my arms so an on-screen keyboard and my eyes are how I type. … Continue reading Flyer Review – Groceries

Shopping Advice From The Queen…Er, I Mean Shop-Aholic

I may or may not be a shopaholic. Okay, okay...cough cough...I am! Wow, that hurt to admit. I never used to be! I blame it solely on boredom. You try lying in bed 24/7 and see what happens. I have read soooooo many dirty - I mean romance - novels. I've watched and re-watched sooooooo … Continue reading Shopping Advice From The Queen…Er, I Mean Shop-Aholic