Random Thoughts And Other Things – 1

Have you ever had a week where you think a day is another day and then your whole week seems to be all back-assward? Yeah, that was me last week! I woke up Monday morning convinced that it was Wednesday. Whaaaa? I know, I don’t get it! On Wednesday, I was lost. Usually my Father comes every Wednesday but I decided, or at least my brain decided, that it wasn’t Wednesday because Monday was Wednesday right? – and I was asleep when he came! What an asshat move on my part!

I have a hard time sleeping – even with all the meds that the Doctors have prescribed. First you have to fall asleep right? Well, that’s the time my brain decides to cover EVERY. SINGLE. SUBJECT known to man! Why!? I’m supposed to be drifting, peacefully into La La Land and instead I’m thinking about the time that I coached a high-schools girls rugby team to championship and how much I wish that I could tell my niece and nephews. And then because I was thinking about rugby, my mind drifts to my friend Buddha who helped me coach. He is a hugely talented guitar player and singer! I loved watching him play! Now, because I was thinking about music my mind drifts to my Father. And I think about how he brought a guitar to the hospital and sang my favourite song for me. Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin. It was the first time that I’ve heard him play or sing. And when he was singing, I realized that he didn’t leave ME when I was a baby! It was a calamity of problems that collided to drive my family apart…Then I finally fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later because the pain of lying in one spot is too much and I need to call the nurse to turn me over. Start process of falling asleep over!

Have you ever fallen in love with a television series only to have some number crunching dumbass executive cancel it on you? Don’t they know that we depend on our dose of a fantasy life?! Recently I fell in love with Outsiders! Why didn’t anyone warn me that they cancelled it after 2 seasons? Why? Why do they always cancel my favourite shows? Maybe I have crappy taste in TV! lol

There was a time when I loved being in the garden. I just loved planting things and watching them grow! Anyone else love playing in the dirt? There’s something grounding about growing your own food…and flowers too. My Aunt Paul and Uncle Gary have an amazing garden! I was striving to be as good a gardener as my Uncle. Before I got sick that is. Because my Aunt and Uncle have reap such a bountiful amount of vegetables every year, I’m going to end this session with recipes that I’ve found on other sites – and maybe some treats as well…

Here are some recipes that I found for those gardeners who have too many zucchini (other than my deep-fried zucchini sticks that is)…

  1. This chocolate zucchini cake looks to die for!
  2. I would like to sit down eat the whole pan of this summer tomato and zucchini halloumi bake!
  3. Want your taste buds to take a trip to Mexico? Try these black bean and quinoa enchilada zucchini boats!
  4. Use a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles and go to Thailand with this chicken with zucchini noodles with a coconut peanut sauce!

Here are some recipes that made me drool…

  1. I want this on every bowl of ice cream! The best hot fudge sauce!
  2. These look so good I would give up…errr, men for them! Bonfire Brownies!
  3. Can anyone argue about cherries and chocolate together doesn’t sound good? Cherry chocolate chip cookies!
  4. AND, anyone who knows me know how much I love chocolate and peanut butter! This recipe actually makes eating them healthy!? Frozen peanut butter cup pie! Drool!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Happy thinking and cooking!

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 1

  1. I love gardening! It’s so relaxing. Unfortunately California is up to 107 almost daily so my squash plants cannot survive. Hopefully next year! When I can’t sleep I listen to a song of a video game I always fell asleep to since it was boring, haha. Works 70% of the time. Hope you’re doing well!

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  2. Yo cuz, I’m going to try that Zucchini cake. Mom used to always make a Mayonnaise cake that I loved because it was a little lighter on the chocolate and was super moist. I remember have a slice of the zucchini cake at your mom’s house and it was amazing.

    By the way, amazed at your typing skills – you must have the fastest eyes in the world! I have the biggest fingers in the world so typing is a bit of a chore for me!

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  3. The struggles of falling asleep or waking up and not being able to fall asleep are things I can relate to. Saying you have the same on top of everything else sucks large to say the least. One things is for sure, nothing has affected your sense of humour, you good taste in fashion and food and your immense love for your family and friends. I suppose we all have our $hit to deal with but we have each other to help get thru whatever life throws at us. We focus on the positive and get strength from the people around us, sometimes we give and sometimes we draw strength.

    And cherry chocolate chip cookie sound hotter than those calendars of yours! Definitely on my list of yummies. XX

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  4. Oh those days! And then the rest of the week spent trying to get back on track. Nice to hear dad has been visiting. Please continue with the peanut butter recipes, and feel free to throw in some creative bacon recipes too!

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    • It is nice getting to know him. Funny how much alike we are. I only wish that we all had grown up together. Hope you are well. My broccoli salad has bacon in it. Oh and I have a macaroni and cheese recipe that has bacon. Maybe I’ll post that next! Kisses to Olivia xoxo


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