This Week’s Flyer Review – Grocery

Before I start with this week’s flyer review, I would like to talk about Loblaws for a moment. Well, complain really. You see, while I’m hospitalized and do not necessarily need to grocery shop, I do occasionally help some of my family members by buying them some food. And I also fill my Aunt’s freezer with my stash of ice cream (thank you Aunt Paul!).

Back to Loblaws. The last couple of times that I’ve ordered groceries – and ice cream lol – the meat that I ordered and was on sale, expired the very next day! THE NEXT DAY! The first time it was not caught until they got home so it was frozen immediately. This time, it was caught and refused at the store. I ask only this. Does Loblaws think that we are stupid? Burn me once, shame on you! Burn me twice, shame on me!

I wonder if other customers using their online shopping program have had similar problems. Does anyone know? Now Walmart beats Loblaws in 3, three, areas! #1 – Walmart offers Ad Match to their online shoppers! I saved over $21 last order! #2 – If Walmart runs out of a product, they will give you the closest available product at the lower price! I once ordered a small bag of Werther’s. Walmart ran out of the small bags so they gave me the larger bag for the price of the small bag! Woo-hoo! Now Loblaws, well if they run out of something they’ll give you the closest available item AND charge you the higher price. Buggers! #3 – I’ve never had Walmart give me anything that was about to expire. EVER! Loblaws = FAIL!

So, enough of my bitchin’ and on to the weekly flyer review…

Metro: red mangoes – 4 for $5, Bing cherries – $2.88 lb, chicken leg quarters value packs – $1.29 lb, extra lean ground beef value packs – $3.44 lb, Mazola corn, vegetable or canola oil – $2.88, Cedar canned beans, lentil or peas – .79¢, Grace coconut oil 500 ml – $5.99, Campbell’s ready to serve soup – $1.99, Irristibles orange juice 2.5 L – $2.99 and if you buy a Breyer’s ice cream @ $4.99 you get a package of Eggo’s free.

Link to Metro Flyer

Food Basics: green or black grapes – .87¢ lb (that’s cheap!), cherries – $2.88 lb, avocados 4 pack – $2.88 (cheap), clementines 2 L bag – $2.88, green or yellow zucchini – .97¢ lb, Yoplait yogurt tubes or Minigo – $1.99, Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.99, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream or confectionary – $3.97, Irresistables or Tropicana juices 1.65 L – $1.97, Silani mozzarella ball or ricotta tub 300 g – $1.99, Selections large eggs – $1.67, Piller’s kolbassa – $3.99, Piller’s smoked 1/2 ham – $6.99 and Maple Leaf Top Dogs – $2.99.

Link to Food Basics Flyer

FreshCo: cherries – $1.67 lb (they are the cheapest), strawberries 454 g or blackberries 170 g – $1.99, iceberg lettuce – .99¢, Ataulfo mangoes – .66¢, Minute Maid OJ or Five Alive 1.75 L – $2.49, Del Monte nectars – .99¢, Allen’s juice boxes 8 – $1.99, Oasis juices 960 ml – .99¢, Redpath sugar 2 kg – $1.77, Kraft peanut butter 750 – 1 kg or Cheez Whiz 450 g – $2.77, Silk almond 1.89 L – $2.99, Villagio bread or Dempster’s tortillas – $2.29 and Imperial margarine 907 g – $1.99.

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Loblaws: PC spring water 24 – $1.77, Neilson chocolate or strawberry milk 1 L – .99¢, PC frozen raw peeled shrimp – $6.99 (good price), Aylmer canned tomatoes or Del Monte canned veggies – .88¢, PC apple sauce – $1.99, PC kettle or tortilla chips – $1.99, Chapman’s premium ice cream – $3.99 and Chapman’s frozen yogurt – $4.49.

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Sobeys: romaine hearts 3 pack – $1.99, Lactancia butter – $2.99, Johnsonville dinner sausages or burgers – $2.77, pork loin centre chops – $1.99 lb, Oasis premium OJ 2.5 L – $4.99, Grace coconut water or milk – .99¢ and Hunt’s thick and rich pasta sauce or Clover Leaf or Oceans light tuna – .99¢.

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Walmart: Maple Leaf whole chickens – $1.97 lb, cherries – $1.66 lb (crap! cheaper than FreshCo by 1 cent!), Kraft Singles 450 g – $2.47, broccoli – $1.97, green or red leaf lettuce – $1.27, Country Harvest grain bread – $2.37, Kraft salad dressing – $1.97, Nestle Parlour ice cream or novelties – $2, Koolade jammers – $2, Tropicana juices 2.63 L – $4.97 and Danone creamy yogurt 16 x 100 g – $4.47.

Link to Walmart Flyer

Well, I’m cross-eyed! lol

Happy Shopping!

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Flyer Review – Grocery

  1. Again 2 months I haven’t received flyers so I get to see what’s on sale from you. Love you. Ps sorry lomy hard week, haven’t cooked supper all week. Good news….I’m losing weight, however I’m still going to cook that chicken recipe thi
    s weekend 🙂

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  2. We just bought some broccoli yesterday, and it looked very fresh. Went to cut it up and cook it today and had to throw at least half out because it was starting to rot!

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  3. Awesome! I’m going to look up koolade jammer … I don’t know what that is however I’m linking it to monster alien jello wiggle wiggle fruit thang?!
    Walmart does come out ahead … why loblaws wants to take the piss out of people when there is plenty of competition is beyond me – the cases of water have been pretty decent lately eh? Anyhow those cherrries you got us this week we’re amazing!!!!! Didn’t get them last time cause they said they were out … offered organic instead at close to double the price! I love your shopping tips … I read the flyers this week is why I asked about Sobeys xox

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    • Kool-Aid jammers are these little pouches of Kool-Aid. Kind of like a juice box without the box. I added Sobeys this week because of the butter and the people who use Ad Match. Can you believe I saved $21 using it! Everyone with a smart phone should download Flipp and take advantage of Ad Match!


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