Random Thoughts And Other Things – 7

It’s been awhile has it not? I mean for me to post a Random Thoughts post. Well, I have some thoughts to share! I always have something I want to say but I am silent because of my ALS. I really wish that I could talk to my visitors but I do love to listen to everyone. I always was more of a listener than a talker. Funny now that I can no longer talk, I want to speak up! Have you ever seen that movie where, I think it was Eddy Murphy… Maybe, anyway, there was a tree in his back yard and every time he spoke a leaf would fall off. And then when the tree was bare, he would no longer be able to speak. That’s how I felt when I was losing my speech. Only it was not nearly as funny as the movie. And the movie was funny! Have you seen it?

As you all know, I like to watch HGTV. Lately there has been a lot of re-runs. I don’t really mind though because I like to feel like I’m keeping up with the decorating times! lol I still hate watching all of the waste that ends up our landfills. Have you ever watched any of their shows? There is sooooo much that could be recycled or reused. Like those over sized mirrors that they used to use in ohhhh, say the ’80’s? I get that people want to update their bathrooms but why do they always smash the mirrors? Or in the ’70’s when they put mirrors on everything. Don’t smash them and put them in our landfills people! Take them down and use them to make updated mirrors with frames. You can have them cut to different sizes, make frames using trim pieces or if you are not a DIY kinda person, have someone do it for you. I guarantee you that you will not only save money but you’ll also save our Earth! And wood! Why are we throwing wood and / or cabinets in the garbage?! Why?! I don’t understand…

Did you know that I am the family historian? I started a family tree after I was diagnosed with ALS. I guess that when I was faced with my own mortality, I wanted to know who came before me. Does that make sense? I think that I wanted to know that something would continue on after me. Or maybe it was just to see about my family and their lives before I came along. What ever the reasons behind why I started the family tree, I learned a great deal about my ancestors! Man, there were soooooooo many child deaths in the past. I can’t believe how they just kept on trying. Can you imagine what it would be like to have child after child pass away on you and still try to have more? I’m surprised that more women Didn’t end up being hospitalized after nervous breakdowns. I know that I couldn’t have done it. Oh, and Aunt Paul, we a lot of family members who lived long into their lives. Check the tree!

Anyhoo, that is all from me for now but check out these recipes from my blogging friends!

  1. I always liked to make my own salad dressings but, boy do I wish that I had this one! Easy buttermilk ranch dressing!
  2. I love me some creamy garlic sauce with chicken and a nice el dente pasta and this one looks delicious! Chicken with garlic sauce!
  3. Okay, apparently I am wishing that I could eat some pasta because this recipe jumped off the page to me! lol Sausage and spinach pasta with a white wine sauce!
  4. Is there anything better than fresh basil, cheese and tomatoes? I don’t think so. Here is a new take on the traditional caprese salad! Basil marinated mozzarella with fresh summer tomatoes!
  5. Do any of you like fish because this salmon recipe looks yummy! Spicy honey glazed salmon!
  6. You know that we need something sweet and this will do the trick! Creamy mocha custard!

Have a great weekend everyone! Here are some pictures that I have found from either family or during my research for our family tree. Don’t you just love old photos like this? Amazing!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 7

    • I ate soooo much ice cream that my stomach hurts! lol I have no doubt that you will send me a recipe. What do you think about matcha with honey and maybe a fruit swirl? I just can’t decide on which fruit! How are you doing Carol? How is your cookbook coming? All the best my friend! xo

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      • Cookbook is coming slowly and matcha with honey may make it too sweet. Fruit maybe raspberries or mango for sweetness will have to try….Maybe next week I will have a go I like raspberries as they are quite tart but tried with matcha have do some little tasters…I am fine thank you, Lisa just got a lot on at the moment…Outside things that take my time …I hope you are keeping well and your PC is playing nicely …Take care xxxx

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    When we were little, on Nanny and Grampa’s farm in South March, we would all head out to the “back 40” armed with black garbage bags, salt shakers, a carton of Craven “A”, and a few bottles of cinquantes.

    It was normally a hot, humid, muggy day at the end of May and the bibittes were out. We always wore long sleeved shirts and jeans. We sang, laughed, and talked the whole way until one of us smelt it. Cet ici, ici esti! We knew by the smell and the close proximity of the white Trilliums that the coveted garlic was near.

    We picked and picked while getting bit by bibittes and then we would find a tree stump to sit on and rest. Nanny, mom, aunt Lou, aunt Nikki or aunt Suzie would light smokes and we’d all pull out garlic from our black garbage bags. First we’d get out the salt shaker. Then, while Nanny had a cigarette dangling from her lips, she would skin the first bulb of its dirt, sprinkle a healthy dose of salt on it and start crunching away at it. The rest of us knew it was good and followed suit.

    Wild garlic tastes best seconds out of the ground while your grandmother is laughing, cussing and smoking up a storm in the background in attempts to keep the bibittes away from her family.

    That’s the best recipe I have.

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