I’ve Got Nothing… And Cousin Shawn’s Risotto Recipe


I literally have nothing! I have been sick for the last two weeks or so with not one but TWO different infections one after another. And I am tired guys! I don’t have my usual good outlook on my life, living with ALS and all. So, instead of passing my poor me attitude onto you I’m going to pass on my cousin Shawn’s risotto recipe to you instead!

Take it away cousin Shawn!

The reason I’ve been delaying on the recipe is because… I don’t really use one, I wing it! It goes something like this:

1 ½  cups Arborio rice

Vegetable stock (Paula is a vegetarian)

Some chopped onions

A clove or 2 of garlic

diced green pepper

diced red pepper

frozen peas

frozen corn

¼ cup of Parmigiano cheese

¼ cup of taleggio cheese

¼ cup of Asiago cheese

1)      In a deep pot, heat up a gob of butter, add some diced onions and the finely chopped garlic

2)      Add rice now.

3)      Stir in rice and cook in pan for about a couple of minutes (medium high heat)

4)      Begin adding vegetable stock (I usually mix 1 part vegetable stock to 2 parts water). The water/vegetable stock must be HOT when adding it to the pot.

5)      Add just enough water to cover the rice, as it absorbs, add more.

6)      You’ll do this, 4, maybe 5 times until the Arborio rice reaches the right consistency (I like it a little softer – some like it a little firmer)

7)      In a separate pan, quickly stir fry the peppers

8)      When you’re happy with consistency of rice, reduce heat to low

9)      Mix in peppers, frozen peas and frozen corn, stir for a few minutes

10)   Stir in cheeses.

This stuff keeps for a few days in the fridge.

Happy cooking!

10 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing… And Cousin Shawn’s Risotto Recipe

  1. No one can have a positive outlook on life 24/7. You’re allowed to feel down when things are especially shitty. If I know you, this will pass, but until it does, you’re allowed to feel how you feel. I also know this: ice cream makes lots of things better 😉

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  2. Hey lil one,

    You looked beautiful today. Thanks for listening to the kids stories and watching their videos. They just had to bring lilacs because they smell so good.
    I have a contribution to your blog while you take a well deserved break. It’s about raw garlic, cigarrettes and cinquante. I will send in an email and you can work your magic … when you’re feelin it.
    I need to holla at your nephew … he’s chasing the ice cream truck down the road on his scooter.

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  3. Lisa,I hope you’re feeling better by now and your mood also improved 🙂 If not,just look in the mirror and think how pretty you are,because you are. I like your recipe by the way. I have a cheese fan at home so this recipe will come in handy 🙂

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