Chicken Tikka Masala

This looks so good that I just had to share it! I’ve always been a curry fan unfortunately curry does not like me back! I could eat it at home so I was close to a bathroom for the aftermath. And trust me, there was a nasty aftermath! Food in Mexico has nothing on Indian curries! lol
This recipe is dairy free for all of you who suffer from allergies to dairy. If not, feel free to sub in your dairy equivalent. Such as butter instead of coconut oil and cream rather than coconut milk.
Happy cooking!

Adventures of a Food allergy dad

Changing the world, one curry at a time.

Chicken Tikka Masala (small)

One of my sister’s best friends all through school was Indian (I guess she still is…), so I always thought of curries as that food I had at her graduation party. It turns out, though, that curry, chicken tikka masala in particular, is like an unofficial national dish of Great Britain. Around my part of the world, White Castle hamburgers are the ultimate “after midnight” food. Apparently, in parts of the UK, it’s chicken tikka masala. About two years ago, I had chicken tikka masala for the first time. I now understand WHY it’s so popular.


Here’s the deal with curry (the dish, not the spice – I don’t want to open that ridiculous can of worms right now): it’s an immensely complex dish. Or rather, it can be. It’s a super complex flavor, and that takes a lot of ingredients to…

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