Your Weekly Grocery Sales

This week’s sales are leaning towards Loblaws being a winner. Here is the thing though. Aside from the sales that I will list below, Walmart is always a winner for pricing. They are sneaky bastards with their advertising but they do have good prices. Walmart has been advertising their beef because they have upgraded the beef that they sell to AAA grade beef while maintaining the prices of the beef they had previously. As you would imagine, the other grocery stores have followed suit and have begun to advertise sales on their AAA grade beef. Loblaws has gone so far as to advertise that their AAA grade beef is Ontario grain fed beef.

As usual, I use Walmart’s pricing as a baseline because they’re usually the lowest. If I list it below, the store indicated has actually beaten Walmart’s prices.

Loblaws: Kraft peanut butter ($2.99 so stock up!), lean ground beef value pack, pork tenderloin 2 packs, PC free from whole chicken, PC frozen shrimp, romaine hearts 3 packs, 3 packs of english cucumbers, raspberries, sweet corn 4 packs, sweet pepper 4 packs, Maxwell House ground coffee ($5.99 for the big tins), Black Diamond cheesestrings or slices ($1.99), PC bacon ($3.88 for 500g), Cracker Barrel cheese bars or shredded, PC frozen fruit ($2.99!), Cavendish patties or fries ($1.99), Swanson pot pies (I used to love these little meat pies and they are .99 cents!), Pringles, croissants, PC mustard, Duncan Hines cake mixes (only $1), Mastro extra virgin olive oil ( 1L for $5.99), Breyer’s ice cream and novelties…woo that’s a lot!

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Metro: Dempster’s grain breads or bagels, Heinz Ketchup, GoldSeal tuna, Heinz beans, Beatrice chocolate milk, Breyer’s ice cream (same price as Loblaws $3.99), Classico pasta sauce, Sirloin tip roast, fresh oysters (sorry but yuck!), Fresh 2 Go pizza dough, Chapman’s ice cream, Highliner fish filets and St-Albert cheese curds (mmmm…poutine!).

Link to Metro Flyer

Walmart: Cashmere toilet paper (30 double rolls for $9.98), Kool-Aid jammers, rainbow peppers 3 pack, iceberg lettuce, cherries, Cracker Barrel natural cheese slices, Chapman’s premium ice cream or novelties, Liberte yogurt tub or Source, Honey Nut Cheerios, Clover Leaf flavored tuna, Campbell’s condensed soup, Bick’s pickles and they have a coupon for $2 if you buy 2 of these items…Heinz mustard, ketchup, Top Dogs wieners or Dempster’s hotdog and hamburger buns.

Link to Walmart Flyer

Happy shopping everyone!

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