This Week’s Grocery Sales

I have seen the light! It still amazes me that Walmart is being so sneaky but I see the progression of their advertising campaign. As you know, Walmart has been running with their “New Lower Prices” ads since the beginning of the year. Now, NOW, they have introduced their latest product. Canadian AAA grade beef at their regular beef prices. That’s great isn’t it?! Yeah…not so much!

Here’s the problem. While they were advertising the “New Lower Prices”, Walmart was silently raising prices for everyday items. So while they are offering new great prices and items, it is actually costing you more to grocery shop!

That being said, Walmart still has good pricing compared to stores like Loblaws and Sobey’s. It just bugs me that Walmart is being sneaky bastards! You?

I base all my pricing on Walmart. So if I list it here, that means that it is cheaper THAN Walmart. If I don’t put it here but it’s in the flyer, it is cheaper AT Walmart.

Loblaws: Striploin steaks value pack, skinless bone-in chicken breast value packs, extra lean ground beef butcher pack, pork loin centre chops, asparagus, PC frozen large raw shrimp (only $5.99 so stock up), jumbo cherries, Nestle bottled water, Breyers Creamery Style ice cream (Metro has it for the same price $3.99), Italpasta select varieties of pasta, Haagen-Daz ice cream, baked in-store hamburger or hotdog buns and Lantic sugar.

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Metro: Cedar brand canned beans, Sun-Maid raisin bread, Nutella, Kraft Miracle Whip, Kraft salad dressings (Walmart has them for two cents less so if you’re at Metro just pick them up), Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Haagen-Daz Spirits ice cream, Romaine Hearts, blueberries, raspberries, sweet corn 5 pack, lemons 2 lb bag, pork back ribs, Cracker Barrel cheeses and Ocean Spray juices.

Link to Metro Flyer

Walmart: Canadian Angus bone-in striploin steaks, english cucumbers, green beans,  Tropicana juices, Kraft cheese slices, Philadelphia cream cheese (large tubs), Kraft salad dressings, French’s mustard, International Delights coffee creamers, Neilson chocolate milk (it’s the price it was before the “New lower prices” ad campaign where they silently raised other prices like, oh chocolate milk!), Chapman’s Premium ice cream and Diana, Kraft or Bull’s Eye BBQ sauces ($1.50!). Walmart also has Haagen-Daz on for $4.97 but it is not advertised.

Link to Walmart Flyer

Happy Shopping and have a safe long weekend!

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