Tomato Ricotta Pie with Garlic Herb Crust

I love the simplicity of this recipe! It’s perfect for a hot summer evening and would pair well with a cool Glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy!


Summer weather has officially hit the Southern California region. Usually May through June, San Diego County experiences a phenomenon we like to call May Gray and June Gloom. The weather at that time is in the mid to high 60’s. Though once July hits, it actually starts warming up and we had a bit of a heat wave not too long ago. Needless to say, who wants to sit by a stove or oven all night making a hot dinner for an already warm evening?


Last week I had made some homemade ricotta, so I needed to use it up before it went bad. I decided to use it in this tomato ricotta pie with garlic herb crust. It’s such a simple dish to make and the flavors go wonderful together. It really is the perfect dish for a summer evening. I’ve heard it also goes well with a glass…

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Mmmmm-mmmm, Aunt Paul’s Lemon Loaf With Sweet Drizzle!

This past weekend was Canada Day! Yahoo Canada! For those of you who don't know when we Canucks celebrate our Country, it's July 1st. Every year. Not the 4th, the 1st! I watched many of the blogs that I follow to see if any of them would present a Canadian celebration menu. You know with … Continue reading Mmmmm-mmmm, Aunt Paul’s Lemon Loaf With Sweet Drizzle!

My Favourite Kind Of Recipe! – No Churn Ice Cream!

Man, I have been in a funk lately! I have re-read my last few posts and I was being someone special, wasn't I? And not a good special either! Well, no more of that negativity! I'm trying to get my positive attitude back. I hope that if I keep telling myself to look on the … Continue reading My Favourite Kind Of Recipe! – No Churn Ice Cream!

Chicken Tikka Masala

This looks so good that I just had to share it! I’ve always been a curry fan unfortunately curry does not like me back! I could eat it at home so I was close to a bathroom for the aftermath. And trust me, there was a nasty aftermath! Food in Mexico has nothing on Indian curries! lol
This recipe is dairy free for all of you who suffer from allergies to dairy. If not, feel free to sub in your dairy equivalent. Such as butter instead of coconut oil and cream rather than coconut milk.
Happy cooking!

Adventures of a Food allergy dad

Changing the world, one curry at a time.

Chicken Tikka Masala (small)

One of my sister’s best friends all through school was Indian (I guess she still is…), so I always thought of curries as that food I had at her graduation party. It turns out, though, that curry, chicken tikka masala in particular, is like an unofficial national dish of Great Britain. Around my part of the world, White Castle hamburgers are the ultimate “after midnight” food. Apparently, in parts of the UK, it’s chicken tikka masala. About two years ago, I had chicken tikka masala for the first time. I now understand WHY it’s so popular.


Here’s the deal with curry (the dish, not the spice – I don’t want to open that ridiculous can of worms right now): it’s an immensely complex dish. Or rather, it can be. It’s a super complex flavor, and that takes a lot of ingredients to…

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Random Thoughts And Other Things – 7

It's been awhile has it not? I mean for me to post a Random Thoughts post. Well, I have some thoughts to share! I always have something I want to say but I am silent because of my ALS. I really wish that I could talk to my visitors but I do love to listen … Continue reading Random Thoughts And Other Things – 7

I’ve Got Nothing… And Cousin Shawn’s Risotto Recipe

I literally have nothing! I have been sick for the last two weeks or so with not one but TWO different infections one after another. And I am tired guys! I don't have my usual good outlook on my life, living with ALS and all. So, instead of passing my poor me attitude onto you … Continue reading I’ve Got Nothing… And Cousin Shawn’s Risotto Recipe

Why I Hate Canned Peas And The Recipe That Redeemed Them – Hertha’s Dill Peas!

I was an only child until the age of nine. Well, nine and a half really. I met my real Father at the age of fifteen. My stepfather was the only Dad that I had. I do not remember not having him as my Dad, I was that young when he entered my life. He … Continue reading Why I Hate Canned Peas And The Recipe That Redeemed Them – Hertha’s Dill Peas!

The Disease That Changed My Life, Living With ALS And The Silly Things I Miss

Man,  I have to tell you that after being gone from my blog it sure is hard getting back into it. If you add in my health issues, you certainly have a recipe for disaster! Speaking of my health issues, I realize that some of my readers don't actually know that I have a disease. … Continue reading The Disease That Changed My Life, Living With ALS And The Silly Things I Miss

Test, Test… Is Anyone Out There?

Okay, I know that you are all still out there. I was the one to disappear! I know, but it was not my fault I promise you. It was my computer that sort of died. Ohhh, it would let me do some things. It would still talk for me, still let me read my naughty … Continue reading Test, Test… Is Anyone Out There?

Sweet Potato & Coconut Brownies

Hi guys and gals! I thought that I would reblog this post because they look delicious AND you do not have to feel guilty for eating a brownie. When is that a real possibility? If you look at the ingredients, you’re eating a chocolate brownie full of fibre – good for your gut – vitamin A – hello eye sight and immunity – and a plethora of other great stuff that would take me hours to type. Hey, you try typing with your eyes! Lol
I have a nephew with nut allergies but I really want him to give these brownies a try. That being said, I imagine you could easily sub Wowbutter or an alternative seed or brown pea butter – there are a few that my nephew loves – for the coconut almond butter and for the almond milk any alternative milk would work.
I have some exciting news. I’m typing this on the new computer! It’s not mine yet. There are a few bugs to work out but at least I have a hope of maybe getting it before I die! For a while there I wasn’t so sure… Lol
Happy baking!


Sweet Potato & Coconut Brownies with a Chocolate Date Caramel Frosting.
Sounds good right?

The latest of my vegetable based bakes is probably my favourite. Don’t get me wrong, my chickpea blondies and my butternut squash pancakes were nice, but there’s something special about eating a chocolatey cake without it being too bad for you!


The chocolate date caramel frosting takes this bake to a whole new level. The sweet ‘caramelly’ taste of the dates and the contrasting texture really makes these brownies feel like (without being) a naughty treat!

I went for the Coconut and Almond Butter from Meridian Foods for this recipe. If you’re not a coconut fan, you could easily use normal almond butter instead.

I’ve also used 50g of flour in these (I went for spelt flour). This is purely because I’m not a massive fan of an overly oaty bake! You can easily substitute this…

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