Random Thoughts And Other Things – 8

I have been putting writing this post off for quite some time now. It has not been anything other than pure laziness in my case. I could tell you that my computer has been giving me trouble, which it has but that is not the true reason. I could tell you that I have been working on my family tree, which I have. I love researching the people connected to me. I especially like to comb through obituaries looking for pictures and other family members. It’s kinda morbid but I love it. I think it’s the “would have been a great” detective in me. I say would have been because I wanted to be a police officer but life and health got in the way. I came really close though…

So, I have been having trouble with my computer but it’s kind of hard to explain how. I read a post a little while ago by Bill Sweeney (his blog is called Unshakable Hope) and I thought, “Yes! Here’s a man who is going to understand my frustration!” and of course he did. If you have never heard of his blog, Bill also is living with ALS. I think that he has me beat on how many years that we have been living with this disease so, you know, respect and all that. But I complain about my computer and the OT department for their slack work on finding me a button that isn’t too hard for my thumb to press. You’re not going to really understand the how’s and why’s surrounding this crap but here is my dilemma… I have ONE thumb that I can still use. ONE! Out of my whole body, I have one body part that I can still direct movement to. Think about this for a second and then tell me how willing you would be to give up using it when there are ways to still use it if only the people who are paid to help you would just do their job. Don’t think that I have not been patient. I have waited months for this. Anyway, I commented on Bill’s blog and he gave me some great advice but Bill, I can’t give up on my thumb just yet so no I am not using dwell to write this post. I just can’t give up on using my thumb! I know it’s silly and I do use dwell when I get tired. Here is a link to Bill’s blog…

Unshakable Hope

Okay, okay Bill, I’m using dwell and I do not like it at all! I’m giving my thumb a rest just like you said. Now I don’t know what to write about! lol All that I can think about is how much I hate this! Sorry, switching back…

Back in business! So my nurse left the my room without giving me the call bell or my blanket. What is a woman to do? This woman has been playing really loud rock music hoping to get their attention to no avail. Step 2, emailing family members to call the hospital and complain. Excuse me a moment…

Let’s see how long it takes. In the meantime, have you forgotten a band that you once loved or a song? You know, you have different stages in your life, you go through fazes? I was watching a movie the other night, don’t ask which one because I forget, and At the very end of the movie when the credits play was this song. I know this song, I think! I love this song, I think! What band is this, I think? Do you know that I could not think of the band for the life of me and I knew that it was a band that had, at one time, meant a lot to me for different reasons. And yes, one of those reasons was a boy! Giggle giggle! I had to remember the lyrics until the next day so I could look it up on YouTube. And it was a band That I LOVED! How did I completely forget about them? Am I getting old or is my ALS starting to deteriorate my brain? Okay, ALS doesn’t do that but maybe I’m the first case? Has this happened to any of you? The band was Pearl Jam and the song was Release. Okay, I’m really aging myself here. Just wait until I start quoting some ’70’s rock! lol

Well, I have my blanket and the call bell so I’m warm and potentially safe. I think that I will leave you with some recipes from fellow bloggers and sign off myself. Be safe everyone and I wish you all the best of health and love! Cheers!

This Home Style Chicken Shawarma looks great!

It’s that time of year again, Pumpkin Mousse

If you don’t follow Smitten Kitchen, you’re going to love me for sharing this! Foolproof cacio e pepe

This pasta dish is filled with earthy fall flavours! Yum! Herby buttered balsamic mushroom ravioli

And one last one but no less delicious looking, Honey BBQ Chicken Popcorn!

Happy cooking!


Me with my blanket. Thanks guys! 


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