In this life, I have had plenty of time to think about what is important. When you have a body that doesn’t work, no voice and years of being stuck in a sort of bubble, trust me when I say that you spend a great deal of time in your mind. Scary, I know!

The nights are the worst! I have had many, and I mean many conversations with people in my head. You know, answers to questions I was asked that day but couldn’t answer. My thoughts on the things that I was told that day. Swearing at people who hurt me that day! I really miss that one (giggle)! You get what I’m saying?

In all my musings, I have realized what is really important in my life. Family and those friends that make it into that family category. The people who make you feel loved. The people who have left an impression on you and those who continue to do so. The people who teach you new things about yourself and life in general. These are the people who matter and what, really, is what is most important in life!

Here are some of my people…

There are some people who I would like to add because I do not have pictures of them or they are children. I will not post pictures of children on such a public forum.

My nieces and nephews…Karrson, Matthew, Holly, Meagan, Spencer, Tessa, Lindsay, Adam, Andrew, Olivia, Ana, Addison, Tennyson, Zoe, Rose, Grace, Jordan and Jade. Sheesh, that sure is a lot!

And…my sisters-in-law Donaria and Alice. My brothers-in-law Phil and Dom. My Father, Dan and my Dad, Doug.  All of the Brown clan that don’t really know me but contributed to who I am…especially my Aunt Darlene and her husband Perry. My half siblings who missed growing up with ne but are still a part of me – Daniel, Tim and Tammy.

My Aunt Debbie who really isn’t my Aunt but loved me like one and her late husband, my Uncle Al. Craig and Korey, you too!

Now this may anger some but they were and still are important so my ex, Scott and his family. My friends Pam, Lisa, Jon, Sabina and Stacey (girl we go waaay waaaay back).

There have been so many people who have cone ans gone in my life but all of them were important. Even the bad ones. People are what are important in this life! Hold onto the good ones! Learn and get rid of the bad ones! Love! Let yourself be loved – harder than you think. Learn and be a teacher! Live life to its fullest! Wander, meet new people and explore! Be kind not only to others but to yourselves…

Anyways, that’s my piece of wisdom…or maybe madness! Who’s to say? lol

The Important Things

9 thoughts on “The Important Things

  1. well put – thank you for the pics! I love the first one of nanny n grampa… if you look on the stove, you can see the ole spaghetti pot … now that’s your next recipe post as only a few of us know the secret ingredient… I can hear nanny’s laugh now!!!!!
    I love you lil one xo

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  2. I NEED to know the secret ingredient!!!! Hey, I’m the favorite grandson, you heard nanny say it a million times you doughheads!!!!
    The first picture of nanny and grandpa made my eyes tear up as did the picture of my Aunt Louise. I miss them terribly and talk to all 3 of them at least once a week (they know I wrote this and they know it’s true – Nanny would haunt me if I’d lie).
    I miss our times at the house in Kanata where we could just be kids, chase horses and play cards with nanny. You guys were too young but the farmhouse off of Merivale road is another great spot ingraned in my memory.
    I love and miss all of you xo

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    • The “secret” ingredient was the cigarette ashes that fell into the pot of spaghetti LOL. Geez you guys thought you would have known that. That definitely was my fondest memories….Kanata, Alison and I playing dress up in the old smoke house. Ok Lisa……finally today I’m making the berry muffins but in the loaf pans that you got me. Trying to decide what to make for supper, something with the sundried tomatoes XOX

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  3. Shawn, you know that you are my favorite male cousin just like you were Nanny’s favorite grandson! I promise! And I’m not holding out, I just haven’t had time to write the recipe. I’m a busy woman! I have shopping to do and smut to read! lol


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