Banana Bread


I was going through my recipes, trying to decide which recipe I would use to start on my new blog. This recipe is the first one I shared with my family so I thought it fitting to start with it here.

Turns out that this recipe isn’t even mine! I always knew that I had gotten it somewhere – those who know me know that I wasn’t a huge baker. I was starting to get into it more and I wish that I would have had more time to really get into it. This recipe was given to me by my Mom. When I shared it with my family I learned that Mom got it from Aunt Paul! I should have known because Mom wasn’t much of a baker either…or cooking for that matter!

The recipe calls for walnuts but I think that you could omit them for those who have allergies or substitute them for another nut. I think pecans would add a nice flavor. You could also add chocolate chips. Mmmmmmm…banana and chocolate! Better call the nurse to suction my drool! lol


So weird seeing my handwriting after so long



Still weird!

banana bread

My recipe baked by the fab Lynn using raspberries instead of walnuts



6 thoughts on “Banana Bread

  1. I have this in the oven as I type…I took out the walnuts and replaced with raspberries cuz we have some serious raspberry lovers… thanks Lisa!!
    Keep up the great posts cuz I really love them and am finding the so useful. You are my go to girl xx

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  2. I made this recipe again today except I doubled it and I added raspberries to one like I did last time… I tried to put some in the middle of the bread for a surprise in the middle; the other one I added chocolate chips in the middle and a few on top. One thing I just realized is I forgot the baking powder, oops. We’ll see how that goes but nothing that a big scoop of ice cream can’t fix right? I’m sending you before going in the oven pics (one bread has a smiley face on it cuz you just have to right?) XX


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