I’ve Been Schooled…

Today I was told that Metro has Haagen-dazs on sale for $4.49! Well, I’ve been schooled…lol

I always loved shopping at Metro. Walmart, the sneaky bastards, still has better prices on a whole but I think it’s important to let you know of some sales at Metro that are worthy of mention. I just wish that Metro would get with the times and offer online shopping like Walmart and Loblaws! For those who are new, the sales listed below are less than Walmart and Loblaws. I always use Walmart prices as a baseline because Walmart normally has the lesser price.

Metro: Haagen-dazs (woohoo), Ben and Jerry’s (yummy-ness), Iogo yogurt and Tubes, english cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, lemons, 4 packs of sweet peppers, T-bone steaks or roasts, strawberries, blackberries, St-Albert cheese curds (mmmm poutine), Europe’s best frozen fruit, Old El Paso kits or salsa, brocoli, kiwis, eggplant, zucchini, large Kaisers and Almond breeze.

Come on Metro, get with the times!

One thought on “I’ve Been Schooled…

  1. You know what else would make Metro more amazing? Self checkout options. Although I do hate having to stand behind the one person in the history of time who has never before, until this very moment in time, used any form of technology and doesn’t understand why bashing their roll of quarters into the scanner screen is not an acceptable form of payment, it would be nice to go through a checkout at midnight with my pint of cookie dough ice cream, salt and vinegar chips and extra large tub of tums without getting the side eye from the cashier.

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