Weekly Flyer Report

Before I start this weeks flyer report, I’d like to tell you all that this wasn’t going to be the next post. Noooooo, nooooo, nooo. Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours working on a cooking with Lisa post. Yeah, that would’ve been fun huh? Yeah, I know it would’ve been. So what happened you ask? Well I’ll tell ya! I worked tirelessly on it only to have my $40,000 special computer to freeze and erase everything but two and a half sentences! Fu$#?!uuudge! Whoops, almost used another word but I rated the site PG. Is bastard a PG rated word because I may of already failed.

Metro: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, avocados, Ben & Jerry’s (ah heaven), prime rib roasts, broccoli, Selections bacon, kiwis, grapes, sugar, Nutella and Johnsonville sausages. I will note here that on top of the sales there are a lot of products advertised that match not only Loblaws but also Walmart.

Loblaws: if you’re shopping this weekend shrimp rings, PC scallops, croissants and Planters nuts. Sales that are the whole time…chicken breadts or thighs, Christie’s crackers, Country Harvest or D’Italliano bread, Welch’s frozen fruit, Breyer’s Creamery style ice cream, Black Diamond cheeses, little hams, PC raisin bread or hot cross buns, Aunt Jemima pancake mix or syrup, Post cereals and eggs.

Walmart: Oh Walmart, you sneaky buggers! Better be careful ’cause your competitors are catching up! Folgers coffee, Armstrong cheese, fresh pork loin – that isn’t actually available, yellow potatoes 10lb bag, cantaloupes, French’s specialty mustard, Bick’s pickles, cream, Hellman’s and Breton crackers.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Flyer Report

  1. Not certain I was going to be able to stop laughing long enough to reply.
    First, thank you for including Metro in this flyer report. I used to shop at Sobeys and food basics thinking I was getting great deals. I even tried price choppers. Seemed I was driving to 5 different grocery stores to chase down deals when I realized I was burning my savings on gas!
    Second, I’m thinking about sending Walmart a trophy (anonymously) the reads “Sneakiest Sale Tricksters”
    Third, I found a list of PG cuss words online … “bastard” does not make an appearance- however, I strongly encourage you to continue to exercise your right to express yourself in the manner you see fit.

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