This Week’s Flyer Review

Since this is a new beginning for my blog and some people who are following, I think it’s important that we discuss sneaky Walmart before adding the sales. The new year brought a new direction in Walmart’s flyers. They started advertising a ” New Lower Prices” campaign. Every flyer for about 6 to 8 weeks were heavily filled with this campaign. It has slowly been less and less but you will notice the odd ad still throughout their flyer. The problem is that while we were looking at these great new prices, Walmart was being sneaky bastards! They were slowly raising prices on other items. Every day items too! I have noticed things every week that are now a “New Higher Price”!

That being said, bastards, let’s get to the sales. For Walmart: turkeys are on sale for either $10, $15 or $20 depending on the weight, Nestle bottled water 24 pack is $1.88, Mazola oils are on for $1.97 (really good price), grapes are about $4 less a bunch, D’Italiano sliced bread $2.58, a 5lb bag of red grapefruit is $4.97, 2L Pepsi is $1.25 although I’ll say that Loblaws has cans on sale so I’m thinking that’s better, Nature Valley bars $1.88, Robin Hood flour $8.77 for 10kg and Royale Valour bathroom tissue is $5.98.

Loblaws: No Name cottage cheese or sour cream for $1.99, Maple Leaf flakes (canned meats) $1.49, Campbell’s ready to serve soups are 2 for $5 ( oh yes you’ll be in Thai heaven ladies!), Campbell’s condensed are 99 cents, Bick’s pickles are 2 for $7, Black Diamond Cheese strings are 2 for $5, Hunt’s pasta sauces or paste are only 99 cents, PC frozen cooked and peeled large shrimp $7.99, Maple Leaf half hams for $8.99, jumbo cantaloupes only $1.99, Hellman’s mayo is $3.99, Snack Pack puddings are only 99 cents, cap off prime roasts and whole pork loins are on sale ( I could only look at the beef roast online and the average price was approx. $25 rather than $38 regularly), oatmeal is $1.99 and this week they a wide variety of mangoes on sale.

The only extra I will add is that Loblaws has extended their sale on Haagen-Dazs, woohoo, for $4.99! So screw your pretend sale on Haagen-Dazs this week Walmart! $5.98! Get with the program!

One thought on “This Week’s Flyer Review

  1. Insightful and valuable observations coupled with hilariously frank commentary. I look forward to learning more about the “pretend sales” and overall covert sneakiness of grocery world. Groceries are a necessity of every day life! Thank you for making deal finding fun –


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