The Weekly Flyer Report

This week is pretty bleak people!  The sales at Loblaws are minimal compared to Walmart’s pricing even with their sneaky behavior lately. Bastards!

So at Loblaws; extra lean ground beef, PC free from whole chickens, Kraft peanut butter is only $2.99 people so stock up or make cookies ( I just gave you a recipe!), PC large shrimp is only $5.99 so if you’re into shrimp buy now, chicken breasts skinless boneless club packs, ignore all the sales on produce unless you want brussels sprouts (yuck), croissants are $2 for 6, Haagen-Dasz Is $4.99 (woohoo!), McCain fries or Cavendish patties are$1.99 and they have a dozen eggs for $1.97.

Walmart…oh Walmart! My silent deceiver.  They have Maple Leaf Deli Express bacon on sale for $2.97 but it doesn’t seem to be available.  Large cantaloupes are $1.47, Hershey’s chocolate chips, sugar, blackberries, lemons, green beans and Oasis juice. They have Tropicana on sale but sadly it also is not available. And my favorite, they are advertising Dempster bread for $2.37 which was the regular price before they started the “New lower prices” campaign sooooo…is this really a sale?

One thought on “The Weekly Flyer Report

  1. Bleak indeed flyer Queen!

    Even turkeys I saw running down the side of 417 at about 6:15 this evening on the way back from Mont Cascades had more bang for their buck (that’s another story) than Walmart teasers.

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