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Can you believe that there are only 20 days until Christmas?! Are you done your shopping? I have to tell you, normally I start shopping in the summer. You know, back to school sales and Labour Day sales. This year? I was soooooo not into it! I started in October but only because I kinda had to. Canada Post has been striking for what seems like forever! And you know, at one point the union or someone said , “okay, how about we table the talks, you guys go back to work just for Christmas and then we resume talks after ” and did they?! Ahhh, that would be a big fat NOOOOOO! I get it. They felt like if they agreed, they were conceding too much and maybe doing something DECENT! I mean, come on people! It’s Christmas and some people – like me – depend on mailing our presents! Anyway, I’m done my Christmas shopping and I have received most – MOST – of my parcels.

As I said, I’m really not in the festive mood this year. I don’t even really know why. Normally, I love hunting for a great deal. Don’t get me wrong, I still got great deals – I mean we’re talking about me here and I never pay full price! It’s just the whole Christmas thing that I am not in to. I think that this year I’m just tired. Tired of everything, really. I wake up, I get on my computer, I watch a movie and then I go back to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Day in and day out. Sometimes I throw in an infection, you know, just to mix it up! Like right now. That’s it! I’m cranky and want my mommy! Ahhhhh, the true reason. I lost her on December 29th, 2011. What a crappy time of year to lose a loved one. Sorry to all of you who have lost loved ones during the holidays.


Recently, I was told that my previous deserts of choice were that of an old womans! I mean, come on! Just because I loved Pralines and Cream ice cream and Date Squares with my coffee didn’t make me old, right?! Those were favourites of mine from a very young age. Oh, and pumpkin pie instead of cake for my birthday. Okay, okay! Maybe they were something an older person would have chosen but I loved them so, yeah there! I’m an old soul! lol



So I have this nurse. If you’re reading this and you’re one of my nurses, this is not about you but I’m sure that you will know who I am talking about. Anyway, this nurse, she is lovely. You know that she cares for her patients which believe me when I say that there are many who don’t care. It’s about the money for some. This particular nurse is an older lady. She really is amazing but, wait, wait, wait! Before I say this, you should understand what I’m like, at least at my very core. I’m a type A woman who has a very logical brain. I am constantly watching every single situation and breaking it down into the most logical way to move forward. It is something that I have struggled with the most since being diagnosed with ALS. You can probably see how this might have troublesome. Having to very slowly give up all control of, well, everything! Not easy for someone with my kind of personality and then top that off with how my brain processes just about everything and anything around me. I have struggled but I’m proud to say that I have gained some patience and learned to laugh at the things beyond my control. Not an easy feat, mind you and I do have my meltdowns. But I’m still proud of where I am.

Back to this nurse! Again, she really is great! The thing is, well, she is sooooooo slow! I truly don’t know how she gets all of her work done?! Everyone who thinks that Canada is great because of our free health care needs to spend some time in the shoes of those who either works in the health care system or is living depending on it. These nurses work their asses off! And the support staff who keep our hospitals running, you know – the personal care workers or PCA’s and the cleaning staff , the Porters and clerks – running around like chickens with their heads cut off! I feel badly for them all. Anyway, this nurse, I have to tell you that there are times – when I’m tired and just want to lie down – where I want to either scream or burst out laughing! It’s just that, some of the things that she does, I mean, come on!

The way she meticulously wraps the face cloth around her hand before she, errr, you know, wipes me! She puts the cloth over her hand so that it is equal on both sides – front and back. Then she folds first one side in towards her palm making sure her thumb is holding it – you know cause if it falls apart she has to start all over, which happens often – then fold the other side in. Success! Now she has a perfectly encased hand to wipe me! And then its three, yes 3! – wipes. One on the left. One on the right and one down the middle. That was just the soapy cloth. Begin process all over for the rinse cloth. And that’s just the front! Repeat this all over again for the back! Oh and before that even started, she wipes my mouth which means? That is right, hand encasing! lol

I started writing this post on the 5th and now it’s the 7th so only 18 days until Christmas! Hope you are getting your shopping done! Don’t forget to use Ebates if you are shopping online. I go through Ebates for all of my online shopping and I am always getting money back for the shopping that I have done! Woo hoo!

Click here to get money back for shopping online! Ebates is great!

(If 3 of you join, I get a little rebate. If that bothers you can find Ebates on your own. It’s worth it!)

Here are some recipes that I think look delicious!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a safe and wonderful holiday! xo

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 10

  1. Hi honey. Your Mom and I had SO MANY plans for that December and her 60th birthday. We had made plans for months for that vacation. Do you know we met when we were 16, our first day of grade 11. I remember the first time she spoke to me. Exactly where we were and exactly how she looked. Funny how some people are destined to meet. When I married AL he said “You and I are married now and best friends so please share more with me than Louise”……..it was strange for me. And an adjustment. I loved your mother, and you and Michelle, and the time we spent together in Nova Scotia. Did you know she had my wedding shower for me at your Grandmothers home? And when we graduated Grade 12 your grandparents invited my parents to the farm for a celebration. I’ll never forget those days. I think of your Mom often (and you too!) and feel sad. I remember when she told me she had a lung disease and she made light of it. I didn’t realize how serious it was. Me, Korey and Craig are so sad you had to be afflicted with this disease, and I’m sad Craig had to have cancer. He is in remission (after being given 6 months to live) but he is not the same Craig. The 2 types of chemo they gave him not only killed the cancer, it poisoned his body and brain. It’s been a struggle but I keep reminding myself that he is still with us. I hope I get back to Ottawa someday and if I do the first thing I will do is co me see you. The boys always ask after you………..we all love you Lisa!
    Aunt Deb

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    • Hi Aunt Debbie! I think of those times often. My little crush on Craig when I was tiny! Remember how I would blush and kiss him on the cheek! lol Do you know that when I was older, my crush was for Korey?! I guess I liked the older man! lol You’re still my Aunt Debbie and always will be. I know that you loved mom. She loved you too! Hugs and kisses to the boys, all of them! xo


  2. That nurse sounds meticulous and cares about your cleanliness. I can see how you would “crack up” at that, I would too! At leas you know what to expect and she’s not the one with the bum deal. I would go over and shake her hand but on second thought maybe a hug would be better.

    Thanks for the great post once again. You certainly know how to make us laugh, make us hungry and love you more with every word. The time is takes you is worth it, we love your stories and your recipes but we love you more xxx

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