Holiday Bread Stuffing

Before I talk about this post, I would love to take a minute to tell you about my stupid computer. I can look at SOME posts by other bloggers. I can reblog them. I can respond to comments and even comment on the blogs that my stupid computer lets me see. I can even like the posts.
What I can’t do…I can’t look through the Reader! I can’t go to my site and work on ANYTHING! Damn it! Stupid computer!
Oh well, at least I can reblog posts like this one! Stuffing is a must at every Holiday dinner. I bet that you could look at everybody’s plate around the table and see stuffing on each and every one! Hey, I used to make stuffing every time I cooked a whole chicken all Winter long!
This recipe is very similar to my family’s recipe. I say similar only because we never measured anything. I remember tearing up the bread into the lid of the roasting pan. Everything went into the lid and then into the turkey. I know, I know! You are not supposed to do that! I know okay but that’s how we did it growing up and nobody died or got sick sooooooo, yeah that’s how we did it.
I like this recipe because you can make stuffing any time you want! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Bread Stuffing

  1. Fine when they work and couldn’t you just launch them when they don’t…I don’t my stuffing either I don’t use eggs though just chicken stock find it too wet if you add too much liquids and you get juice from the onions. Hope your computer gets sorted soon ..Have a lovely day and my posts in case you couldn’t read them in reader
    and xx Stay well and eat icecream x

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