Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

I’m late with this post so I’m going to get to it and keep it short. Food Basics has great sales this week but I can’t list them all! I recommend that you check out the full flyer by following the link that I’ll provide.

The stores are starting to have sales that will be good for those of you who are cooking and/or baking up a storm this Holiday season. For example, Sobeys has Gay Lea butter on for $2.99 this week. That’s a great price but maybe it’s a little too early for some of you? I always stocked up when the sales were this good. For butter, I would buy a bunch when it was on sale and bring them home for a little prep time. I would cut the butter into quarters, so I had 4 long quarters and wrapped each one in foil. That way I could put salted and unsalted in separate freezer bags and freeze them. I always had portions of butter without paying extra for it!

For tips on how to save money while grocery shopping, follow this link…

Grocery Shopping – How to Save The Most

Sobeys: Gay Lea butter – $2.99, pork loin sirloin chops – $2.99 lb, cilantro – $1.99, Compliments Balance extra lean ground chicken or turkey – $3.99


Metro: iceberg lettuce, carrots or yellow onions – .99¢, 12 croissants – $3.99, Piller’s black forest ham – $5.99, Angus boneless inside round roast – $3.44 lb, Schneiders bacon – $3.99, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream – $3.33, Cheerios or Post cereal – $2.99


Walmart: strawberries or pineapples – $1.97, clementines – $3.88, Aylmer soup – .33¢, Great Value bacon or 5 avocados – $2.97, Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.98, Cracker Barrel cheese – $4.97, Sunny D – $1.97


Loblaws: PC frozen shrimp – $7.99, sirloin tip roast or extra lean ground beef – $3.99 lb, PC Free From whole chicken – $2.49 lb, Habitant soups – .99¢, Hunt’s tomato sauce – .88¢, Haagen-Dazs ice cream – $4.99


Food Basics: raspberries, blueberries or blackberries – $1.88, lean ground beef – $2.88 lb, Primo pasta, beans, tomatoes or sauce – .88¢, Selection bacon – $2.88, Dempster’s whole grain breads or bagels – 2 for $5, Sweet kale salad kits – $2.98, Catch of the Day fish – $8.99


FreshCo: Clover Leaf salmon – $2.44, Fletcher’s bacon – $2.99, asparagus – $2.49 lb, High Liner fish – $5.99, Tre Stelle feta cheese – $6.99, Tropicana Tropics or Watermelon – $1.99, Quaker oats or oatmeal – $1.99


Happy shopping!

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