Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

This week is all about Halloween! The Walmart flyer is kind of confusing because it starts with food – as usual – and then flips to Halloween candy, costumes and gear, goes through the regular flyer items and then WHAM back to food! They never do that so I was surprised to find food again. I don’t always look at the full flyer, usually but not always so now I feel like I HAVE to read it all! I don’t like that.

I have been watching the Amazon site to see if their take-over of Whole Foods would benefit us Canadians. You Americans are lucky – especially if you belong to Ebates – because you have full-on grocery shopping with Amazon. Now us Canadians can get some pantry, household goods and health and beauty items from Whole Foods. The nice thing about that is if you belong to Ebates, you will earn money back everytime you buy what you would have already had bought anyways! Win – Win!

Click the link below to join Ebates. It’s free and for the Americans and Overseas followers, they will direct you to your site.

Link to Ebates

Back to the flyer review, I’m only highlighting the best sales for each “aisle”. To view the full flyer, I will provide a link. To learn how to save the most grocery shopping, follow this link…

Link to Grocery Shopping – How to Save The Most

Sobeys: Eat Smart sweet kale salads – $2.99, Dempster’s bread or English muffins – $1.99, Compliments Balance extra lean ground chicken or turkey – $3.99, Habitant soups – $1.99

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Metro: iceberg lettuce – .99¢, broccoli, Mann’s broccoli slaw or rainbow salad – 2 for $3, boneless pork loin roast or value pack chops – $1.99 lb, Christie cookies or crackers – $1.88, Classico pasta sauce, Annie’s Mac and Cheese or Kiju juices – $1.99, Gold Seal light meat tuna – .99¢

Link to Metro Flyer

FreshCo: raspberries, blueberries, 2 lb lemons, 4 avocados – $1.88, Dempster’s bagels, Villaggio bread, Black Diamond cheese slices or Cheesestrings – $1.99, fresh boneless pork 1/2 loins – $1.44 lb, Heinz ketchup or Kraft peanut butter – $2.99, Tre Stella feta cheese – $3.99, Rubicon juices – $1.49, Oasis juices – $1.99, Dare Bear Paws or Ultimate cookies – $1.99, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream or Haagen-Dazs – $3.99

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Food Basics: Aurora extra virgin olive oil – $3.88, blackberries – $1.88, lean ground beef family pack – $2.88 lb, sweet green peppers or hothouse tomatoes – .88¢ lb, Dimpflmeier rye breads – $1.88, Oasis Healthy Break, Smoothies or Premium OJ – $2.99, Haddad pita bread – .99¢

Link to Food Basics Flyer

Walmart: Fruitopia, Nestea or Minute Maid juices – $1, Dr. Oetker or Casa Di Mama frozen pizza – $2.97, Nutella – $3.97, beefsteak tomatoes (lb) or English cucumbers – .77¢, bananas – .56¢ lb, celery – .97¢, International Delight creamers – $3.97

Link to Walmart Flyer

Loblaws: sirloin tip roast – $3.99 lb, whole pork loin – $1.49 lb, PC Pacific shrimp raw peeled frozen – $7.99 (not the best sale but still good), Nestle bottled water 24 – $1.99, stewing beef – $5.99 lb, beef stir fry strips AAA – $8.99 lb, PC salsa – $1.99, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – $4.99

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Happy shopping!

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