Spiced Rum Christmas Cake

Today is October 1st and that means 2 things in my world. First, and most importantly at least in my eyes, there are only 26 more days until I turn 43 and get to eat my ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with extra fudge in the middle but noooo crumble that will choke me. HINT HINT! lol

The second thing that starts today is the Holiday Baking Season! Well, at least if you want to get your Spiced Rum Christmas Cake good and liqueured, err I mean “watered”! hahahahaha

My Aunt Paul shops at the Bulk Barn here in Canada for the ingredients and her recipe reflects that fact. In the recipe it calls for the large containers from Bulk Barn so I asked her to give us an estimate of what the container holds. She says that each container holds approximately 2 cups. Does anyone know? I would trust my Aunt but if you feel like you want more, add it!

When I think of fruitcake, I think of a heavy brick shaped dry cake. If that’s what you want this is not the recipe for you! This recipe makes  moist and extremely flavourful yummy cakes. Perfect for gift-giving or just eating!


I’ll leave the rest to my Aunt…

This recipe was given to me by a lady at work called Lyn but I would refer to her as the Christmas Lady, she loves Christmas! She is an amazing person and just loves to cook and bake.
Spiced rum Christmas cake
Fruit mix (go to Bulk Barn) usually the nuts and fruits go on sale end of September mid October check flyers. Cakes are usually started mid/end of October. This recipe will make about 6 loaf pans + one 10 inches round cake deep pan.
Use Bulk Barn plastic containers
A-2 large containers red glazed cherries
2 large containers green glazed cherries
2 large containers mixed chopped fruit (not peel)
3 cups pecan halves + 3 cups of walnuts or whatever nut you like.
3 cups of raisins
2 cups of currants
2-3 cups dates cut in half
1 bag fresh cranberries or dried cranberries
Step one:
Two – three nights before baking the cakes put all of A in a roasting pan, to this mixture add two or three bottles of sherry or brandy.
Stir 2-3 times daily for two – three days, on day 3-4 the day you are going bake the cakes add 2-3 cups of flour to the fruit/nut mixture.
B- Now for the basic batter
1 lb. of butter
5 cups of flour
4 apples grated
2 tbsp. ginger
1 dozen eggs
3 cups white sugar
3 tbsp. cinnamon
Beat butter add eggs one at a time beat, add sugar + apples + flour.
Step two:
Mix basic batter ( B ) into fruit mixture ( A ) blend well. Set oven to 350, grease pans then line with wax paper then grease wax paper.
Bake at 350 for two hours. This recipe will make 6 loaf pans and one 10 inches round deep pan.
Cool cakes on wire rack, once cooled completely place cakes in large plastic freezer bags and place in fridge.
Water cakes once a week with 1/2 cup of spiced rum, make holes on top of cake so rum soaks into cake.
When watering your cakes remember to have some rum just to make sure the rum is still good.
P.S. You will need to make sure cakes are not too wet so if need be cut back on the watering, if cakes are too soggy they will fall apart when cut….this means you will have more for yourself! Week before Christmas stop watering so they can be wrapped for gift giving.
Happy baking!

4 thoughts on “Spiced Rum Christmas Cake

  1. … ahhh yes. This is a recipe to capture indeed. Although I traditionally boycott christmas cakes, logs, etc. Mom has convinced me that this one is a mighty fine treat. I recall the year my parents brought back Cuban rum for this so called cake. Yup, makes Christmas such an exciting time. Anyone for another round of … errr cake? I might show up to your room with an eye patch and a peg leg – you’ll think its a pirate out for your booty … except it will be Christmas and everyone will come for rum cake … arrrrrr matey!!!

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