Grocery Sales For This Week

For Loblaws, this week’s sales are sad to say the least! They make me want to say… WAH WAH! They are so bad that I’m not going to list them below. Loblaws has grapes on for $1.99 a pound which is the same price as FreshCo and they have PC frozen cooked shrimp for $8.99. Unfortunately, that is not a great sale so unless you MUST have them now, wait.

The rest of the grocery stores have good sales on so, sorry Loblaws, just skip over Loblaws this week. Too bad Metro, FreshCo and Food Basics don’t offer online shopping. Eventually they all will because our society is headed towards that level of convenience for busy families. I used to love grocery shopping but then again I didn’t have children.

As always, my baseline is Walmart’s pricing. If it’s listed below that is because it’s cheaper than Walmart.

Food Basics: California Bing cherries ($2.88/lb), cauliflower, romaine hearts 3 packs, assorted sweet pepper 4 packs, red or green grapes ($1.88/lb), lean ground beef family packs, Selection bagels or 7″ or 10″ tortillas, Maple Leaf Flakes canned meat, Billy Bee honey 1 kg ($7.88), VH sauces, Y & Y or Pacific Legend egg noodles, Uncle Ben’s Natural Select or flavored rice and Tropicana juices.

FreshCo: strawberries, asparagus, romaine lettuce ($1.29 same as Walmart), seedless cucumbers, yellow or white flesh peaches, Black Diamond cheese blocks ($3.99), Chapman’s Canadian novelties or gelato or sundaes ($1.99), fresh hot or mild italian sausages, Compliments ground chicken or turkey, Dare Bear Paws, Kraft BBQ sauce, Old El Paso taco kits or salsa, Aurora honey 1 kg ($5.99), Emma artichokes, Piller’s half hams, Nestle coffeemate liquid, Piller’s kolbassa or polish sausage and Maxwell House ground coffee ($4.99).

Metro: avacados 4 pack, asparagus ($1.99/lb), jumbo cherries ($4.99/lb), Pillsbury crescent rolls, Nature Valley Bars, Source or Iogo yogurt, Minigo or tubes (kids yogurt), Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties, Irresistables ice cream and Europe’s Best frozen fruit.

Walmart: Purex laundry detergent (110 loads for $8.98), Cracker Barrel cheese blocks or shredded ($4.97), Folgers ground coffee ($6.94), pineapples, Ocean Jewel fish fillets or High Liner marinated fish fillets, Aylmer Accents stewed tomatoes, Cheese Whiz, Heinz ketchup, Heinz beans or pasta, Gallo extra virgin olive oil, Kraft cream cheese or slices and barkthins.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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