Happy Canada Day Weekend and er, Your Grocery Sales

July 1st marks Canada’s 150th birthday! Happy Canada day everyone! There are so many things to do this weekend so what are your plans? Are you going to brave the crowds and security measures to make your way to Parliament Hill? Watch the show and the fireworks right on the Hill? Maybe you’ll find a great spot on a patio in the Byward Market? I have done that one when I was in college!

Maybe you will look for a smaller celebration in your neck of the woods? I think that being on a boat in the Toronto Harbour would be a great place to watch the fireworks. Not as good as Parliament Hill but still fun! Even a boat in Vancouver would be excellent! You can tell that I am a water baby.

Are you planning something quieter? Maybe some sparklers at the cottage or even setting off your own fireworks. Whatever you do, have a safe and happy Canada Day everyone!

I have to tell you, I’m really not in the mood to do this week’s flyer review. I just don’t feel like it BUT you guys like it so I will do a quick review. The sales are not great giving the long weekend is upon us. Have you noticed that in the past? Gas prices go up right before long weekends. Grocery sales are not the same. Everything seems to be a little more expensive because we have to stock up right? Well, I say “BASTARDS!” lol

Food Basics: Washington cherries – $3.98 lb, Bolthouse baby carrots large bag – $2.88, Riendeau romaine hearts 3 pack – $2.88, strawberries or kiwis – $2.88, green or yellow zucchini – .98¢ lb, limes 1 lb bag or avocados 4 packs – $2.88, chicken leg quarters – $1.49 lb, Cedar chick peas or beans – .79¢, Molisana pasta – .99¢, Saporita veggie or canola oil 4 L – $3.88, Billy Bee honey – $7.88, Classico pasta sauce – $1.99 and VH sauces – $1.98.

FreshCo: strawberries 454 g – $1.99, iceberg lettuce – .99¢, red or black plums – $1.99 lb, red or black grapes – $1.99 lb, broccoli crowns – $1.49 lb, 4 lb case of tomatoes on the vine – $2.99, pint of blueberries – $2.99, Dole Chop Chop salad kits – $2.99, Highliner frozen salmon, cod or haddock filets – $4.99, Nestle real dairy ice cream or novelties – $3.99, Nestle parlour or sundaes – $1.99, Astro yogurt – $1.99, Nutella 375 g – $2.99, Diana BBQ sauce or VH sauces – $1.99, Simply Orange juice 2.63 L – $3.99, Allen’s apple juice 1.89 L – $1.99 and Bear Paws – $1.99.

Loblaws: Wow, I have to tell you, this is soooooo boring! Nestle 24 bottled water – $1.88, pork loin chops or roast – $3.99 lb, Maple Leaf bacon – $3.99, see soooo boring, PC frozen cooked shrimp – $8.99 which is not that great, PC free from chicken breasts or thighs – $5.99 lb or if you shop this weekend you could get regular chicken breasts or thighs for $2.99 lb (much better), red or green grapes – $1.99 lb, colossal cherries – $4.99 lb, Cracker Barrel cheese blocks or shredded – $4.99, Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties – $4.99 and if shop this weekend you can get all kinds of different kinds of ice cream or novelties for $2.49! Woo-hoo!

Metro: Europe’s Best frozen fruit – $2.99, Jumbo cherries this weekend only – $2.99 lb, Nestle real dairy ice cream or novelties – $3.99, Smartfood or Lay’s – $1.99, Kraft Miracle Whip 890 ml – $2.99, pork back ribs value pack – $3.49 lb, Kraft grated parm – $5.99 and Bertolli balsamic vinegar – $3.99.

Before I add Walmart, I want to tell you something about online grocery shopping and Ad Match. Walmart offers you Ad Match when you shop online. They really provide excellent service when you shop online. Much better than Loblaws who will offer Ad Match in-store but NOT online. For Walmart, if you want to take advantage of Ad Match all you do is place your order, click Ad Match and then type your order number and all the items you have found for a cheaper price plus the website for the other flyer and Walmart will refund you your savings! One other way that Walmart beats Loblaws in online shopping is that if Walmart runs out of a sale item, Walmart will sub for another item (often more expensive) and give you the lower price! I once ordered a small bag of Werther’s candies but they were out. Walmart gave me the larger bag for the small bag price! Score! At Loblaws you better check no for substitutions because if they run out, which happens a lot, Loblaws will charge you the extra money! Buggers!

Walmart: Kraft BBQ sauces – .50¢, Great Value original wieners or buns – $1.50, blueberry pints – $1.50, Italian pork sausage trays – $1.50 lb, Minute Maid OJ – $1.50, Lay’s – $1.50, okay for $1.50 you can get French’s mustards, Great Value relish, Kraft salad dressings, Philadelphia dips, Pringles, Nature Valley granola bars or Bear Paws. Chapman’s sorbet – $2.47 or Nestle Parlour or novelties – $2.44.

Okay, that’s it! Crap that was boring! Well, everyone have a fun Canada Day and Happy shopping!


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