This Week’s Flyer Review – Yummy Food Sales

I have to say that coming up to Father’s Day weekend, I’m supremely dissatisfied with the sales this week! I would have thought that I would see great sales on steak and meat in general. I know, I know that I’m falling into that stereotypical thinking that all men want a whole side of beef for their day but come on! How many men do you know that really enjoy a good steak? I don’t think that I’m that far off.

So when you go shopping this week, don’t expect a great deal on beef. Walmart does have a special on some however it doesn’t seem available online which happens regularly with them. Shame on you Walmart.

I base all of the pricing on Walmart because despite their terrible advertising practices (see previous posts), I can compare prices online. If I list it below, that means that it’s cheaper than Walmart. If I don’t list it but it’s in the flyer, Walmart has a better price.

Some of the sales are soooo close, it’s not worth driving all over the city. Pick a couple of stores, make a list and save some gas.

Everyone outside of Canada, skip to after the stores for shopping advice!

FreshCo: Lemons or green onions (.50¢), red or Atoulfo mangoes (.75¢), red grapes ($1.50 lb), green beans ($1.50 lb), pomegranates ($1.50), Anjou or abate pears ($1.50 lb), green kale or iceberg lettuce ($1.50), fresh pork loin ($1.50 lb), Cheerios or Betty Crocker treats ($1.50), Aurora honey 1 kg ($5.99), Compliment’s bagels or Santosh naan or Dempster’s English muffins ($1.50), Fruitopia, Nestea or Minute Maid Chilled Drinks ($1.50), Del Monte Canned Fruit ($1.50), Planters peanuts or Betty Crocker cake mixes & frosting ($1.50), Dare Bear Paws or Breton crackers ($1.50 hmmm I sense a theme lol), Kraft BBQ sauce ($1.29), Bick’s whole dill pickles ($2.99), Nestle real dairy ice cream or novelties ($3.99), Rubicon juices, Heinz beans or pasta (.75¢), Campbell’s broth ($1.50), Sealtest chocolate milk 1 l or Imperial margarine ($1.50). Now, Walmart beats a few of these prices by a cent but in general FreshCo wins.

Food Basics: Pork bone in combination chops ($1.97 lb), pork back ribs ($2.97 lb), Selections cheese blocks ($3.97), Halal ground chicken or Irresistables extra lean ground chicken or turkey ($3.99), Selection’s Italian style pork sausages family packs ($2.99 lb), Brant kolbassa (2 for $6), Silani ricotta ($1.99), Lactancia cream cheese ($1.99), Nestle ice creams (.99¢), Klondike or frozen novelties ($2.99), Primo pasta ($1.29), Primo sauces or tomatoes or beans or chick peas (.99¢), Softsoap refill ($2.99), sweet pepper 4 packs ($2.98), lemons 2 lb or avocados 4 pack ($3.48), red grapes ($1.98 lb), nectarines ($1.99 lb), cauliflower or Vidalia onion bags (2 for $5), seedless cucumbers (.98¢), tomatoes on the vine (.98¢ lb), Chameen fresh dates ($1.99), asparagus ($1.97 lb), Dainty super Patna rice ($5.99), Honey Nut Cheerios or Shreddies or Honeycomb ($2.97), Diana and Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce ($1.47).

Loblaws: Haagen-Daz ice cream or novelties ($4.99), PC frozen raw shrimp ($5.99 so stock up), Lactancia butter (only $2.88 so stock up), Astro yogurt ($1.99), Breyer’s Creamery ice cream ($3.99), asparagus ($2.99 lb), cherries ($3.99 lb), strawberries or blueberries ($3.99 per pint), pork back ribs ($4.99 lb), pork tenderloin ($3.99 lb), PC bacon 500g ($3.99) and Post cereal ($2.99).

Cripes…If I don’t start feeling better you guys are going to get your flyer review the day before the sale ends!

Walmart: top sirloin steaks ($5.77 lb not available online), Heinz ketchup ($2.47), Tropicana or Simply Orange ($3.97), sweet peppers 3 pack ($2,47), Maple Leaf Deli Express wieners ($1.88), D’Italiano buns or sausage buns ($2.68), BBQ sauces assorted variety ($1.50), Hellman’s mayo squeeze bottle ($3.47), Bick’s pickles ($3.47), Nestle Real Dairy or confectionary ice cream tubs ($4.97), Ocean Spray cocktails or Motts Clamato ($2.97), Hershey’s Chipits Inspirations 250 g ($4.57), Robin Hood flour 10 kg ($13.97), Royale paper products, Lysol and Tide.

There’s BIG news in the grocery world! I have already advised you to sign up to Ebates so you can start to earn money back from your online purchases. I have also told you that Amazon seems to match Walmart’s pricing on pantry staples and household items. This is good because Amazon is affiliated with Ebates while Walmart is not. That means you can earn some money back buying everyday things! Woo-hoo!

Now though, NOW Amazon has taken over Whole Foods! This is HUGE in the grocery world! With Walmart and Loblaws offering online shopping and Amazon joining the game, online grocery shopping is hitting the fast lane! I have looked on Amazon and all of the pantry items such as Kraft salad dressings ($1.97), Hershey’s baking cocoa ($4.58), Heinz ketchup ($2.47), Bick’s pickles or Helman’s mayo ($3.47), Robin Hood flour, toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies ect ect are matching Walmart so why not shop where you can get some money back?

Here is the link for Ebates again. I earn a $5 referral fee if you use my link but I don’t really care if you use my link. I just want everyone to save money! For those of you outside of Canada, Ebates does have International sites.

Link to Ebates and you earning money!

Happy shopping everyone!

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