Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Did anyone notice that I completely forgot about Metro last week? Yeah, totally slipped my mind. And, here’s the really bad part, I had emailed myself a list of the sales! I saw it the next day and thought, well that’s a dumb-ass move! lol

To avoid missing it again, I think that I will start with Metro but before I do, I’m going to pass on some money-saving ideas. Do you have a PC Plus points card? When shopping at Loblaws, you can use your points card to earn free groceries. Now I’m going to blow your mind!

Did you know that Loblaws AD matches? Walmart does as well BUT they don’t have a point card that will earn you free groceries. I know, I know! You’re going to be THAT person holding the line up showing the clerk the flyers so you can get the lower price. But who cares! You are getting the lowest price without driving all over the city and you’re earning points towards free food! Win – win!

For those of you that have smart phones, you can download the APP called Flipp to help you with this task. The APP gives you access to all of the flyers. Now you’re not dragging all of the flyers to Loblaws to show the clerk. Just open Flipp, show the cashier the flyer on your phone and you get the lower price! Thank you H for the tip!

Metro: Ontario strawberries 1.13 l ($2.99), large peaches or nectarines ($1.99 lb), jumbo cherries ($3.99 lb), large broccoli ($2.49), blueberries pint ($3.99), Argentinian raw frozen shrimp ($5.99), croissants 12 paxk ($1.99), Christie, Triscuit or Ritz crackers ($1.50), Kettle chips or Que Pasa tortillas ($1.99), Lactancia butter ($3.33) and Nestle real dairy ice cream or novelties ($3.99).

Loblaws: Nestle bottled water X 24 ($1.88), PC frozen peeled shrimp ( larger than Metro $6.99), lean ground beef ($3.49 lb), striploin grilling steak value pack ($7.88 lb), Chapman’s premium ice cream or novelties ($3.99), Ben & Jerry’s ($4.99), Que Pasa organic tortillas chips or Philadelphia cream cheese ($2.49), romaine, green or red leaf lettuce ($1.49), radishes (.99¢), blueberries pint ($3.99), Parmalat Halal yogurt ($1.99), Haddad Lebanese style pita (.99¢) and Neilson chocolate milk (.99¢). Oh, if you shop this weekend they have Kraft peanut butter for $2.49!

Food Basics: cap off grilling steaks family pack AA ($6.88 lb), Prime whole chicken ($8.99), boneless combination chops ($3.99 lb), The Deli-Shop half hams ($5.99), Selection bacon ($3.99), Scheinders bologna (buy 1 get 1 free), Grace coconut water (.88¢), mangoes 12 pack ($7.88), Andy Boy rapini or anise ($1.97), broccoli ($1.67), peaches or nectarines ($1.98 lb), romaine hearts 3 pack ($2.97), cherries ($2.97 lb), grapes ($1.98 lb), Nestle real dairy ice cream ($3.97), Kawartha ice cream ($4.99!), Haagen-Dazs ice cream or bars ($4.49!), Rudolph rye bread ($1.99), Selection bagels or tortillas ($1.79), Silani ricotta or Selection or Silani feta ($2.99), Cracker Barrel cheese ($5.99), Becel ($1.99), Chipits or Selection baking nuts ($2.99) and Europe’s Best frozen fruit ($3.99).

FreshCo: FreshCo is running with Canada 150 for their sales again. The following items are $1.50 each or per lb; fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs, Shopsy’s Deli wieners, English cucumbers X 2, green grapes, cantaloupes, Mann’s rainbow salad, 2 pack romaine hearts, 2 bunches of radishes, 2 red or green leaf lettuce, Christie cookies or crackers, Ritz crackers, Pom juice, Compliment’s bagels, Grainhouse hamburger or hot dog buns, Vachon snack cakes, bulk pistachios, Pogos, Silani ricotta 300 g, Silani sliced cheeses, Mastro capicolla or prosciutto, 2 Buddig sliced meats 55 g, Aylmer Accent tomatoes, Del Monte canned fruit, Betty Crocker frosting or cake mixes, Kellogg’s Nutri grain bars, Pop Tarts, Rice Krispie squares and Gay Lea sour cream 500 ml.

Walmart: red or green grapes ($1.44 lb), pork tenderloin ($2.77 lb), Maple Leaf Deli Express bacon ($2.97), Kraft salad dressings ($1.50), Armstrong cheese blocks ($3.77), Nestle Parlour ice cream or novelties ($2.44), Chapman’s sorbet or Canadian novelties ($2.47), Heinz ketchup ($2.77), Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce ($1.50), Bick’s pickles ($3.47), McCain’s Premium potatoes ($2.47), La Grille spices or rubs ($2.97) and Hellman’s squeeze bottles ($3.47).

Now you have 2 ways to make money while shopping for your groceries and household needs. You can get a PC Points card to earn free groceries, download Flipp to your phones or bring your flyers to Loblaws to Ad Match making sure you get the lowest prices while earning points for free groceries and you’ll join Ebates to earn money just for shopping for your pantry staples and everyday household needs! Happy saving everyone!

Link to Join Ebates!

For those of you in the US and overseas, follow the link and you’ll be directed to the right International Ebates site!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

  1. Hi Lisa, I have had a PC points card for about 5 years its great! I get free stuff. I usually save my points for around Christmas usually have about $150.00 of points depending on how much I spend during the year. It eases the Christmas time crunch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been wanting one for months now but I kept forgetting to ask someone to get me one. For some reason, you can’t get one online? You have to to Loblaws to get one! Pretty stupid on their part really considering they’re all about online shopping right now. How convenient is it if you have to take the time to go to the store to get a card? Idiots!


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