Flyer Review – Groceries

Before I start my flyer review, I would like to apologize for being a day late. You see, I have a very special computer that tracks my eye movements so I can control my wonderful computer. I don't have the use of my arms so an on-screen keyboard and my eyes are how I type. … Continue reading Flyer Review – Groceries

Brown Butter Babies

Those of you that have stopped by my hospital room during the Christmas Holidays will attest to loving these cookies. These cookies are a favorite of my sister-in-law's,  Alice and my Aunt Sue not to mention probably half a dozen nurses! Of course, my Aunt Paulette is the baker of these decadent cookies. In fact, … Continue reading Brown Butter Babies

Shopping Advice From The Queen…Er, I Mean Shop-Aholic

I may or may not be a shopaholic. Okay, okay...cough cough...I am! Wow, that hurt to admit. I never used to be! I blame it solely on boredom. You try lying in bed 24/7 and see what happens. I have read soooooo many dirty - I mean romance - novels. I've watched and re-watched sooooooo … Continue reading Shopping Advice From The Queen…Er, I Mean Shop-Aholic

Aunt Paul’s “Everything but The Kitchen Sink” Pasta Salad

The beginning of May is the perfect time for a recipe that reminds us that the grey days of winter are soon going to blossom into the bright days of Spring! This pasta salad will bring color to your plate and your day! I first had this salad when I was in my early teens. … Continue reading Aunt Paul’s “Everything but The Kitchen Sink” Pasta Salad

Weekly Flyer Report

This week Loblaws takes the gold star - if you can actually get the advertised sales! Loblaws, Loblaws, Loblaws! Oh how you have been naughty! Week after week you don't stock enough of the products that you have advertised. And if you're shopping online, you better click no for substitutions or Loblaws will give you … Continue reading Weekly Flyer Report

Restaurant Style Guacamole

I spent a lot of time working in the restaurant/bar industry. Over 10 years to be truthful. I worked in the front of the house - bartender, server, manager - but some places where I worked had the policy of training their staff everywhere regardless of their position. That means that I got to learn … Continue reading Restaurant Style Guacamole