Walmart – Sneaky Buggers!

For those of you that are just joining us, I would like to talk about Walmart for a moment. They have been very sneaky lately... Ever since the beginning of the new year, Walmart has been focussing on an advertising campaign that is mainly centered on their "New Lower Prices". Yes, it was fantastic seeing … Continue reading Walmart – Sneaky Buggers!

Halifax – Style Donairs

For those of you that have been to Halifax and have had the pleasure of eating a Donair, this recipe is for you. You're welcome! lol Seriously, my Mom somehow found a recipe that tastes exactly like you're standing inside a donair shop after spending the night drinking - or afternoon for that matter! Those … Continue reading Halifax – Style Donairs

Weekly Flyer Report

Before I start this weeks flyer report, I'd like to tell you all that this wasn't going to be the next post. Noooooo, nooooo, nooo. Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours working on a cooking with Lisa post. Yeah, that would've been fun huh? Yeah, I know it would've been. So what happened you … Continue reading Weekly Flyer Report