Walmart – Sneaky Buggers!

For those of you that are just joining us, I would like to talk about Walmart for a moment. They have been very sneaky lately…

Ever since the beginning of the new year, Walmart has been focussing on an advertising campaign that is mainly centered on their “New Lower Prices”. Yes, it was fantastic seeing all those great prices! Well, while we were all looking at these great prices Walmart was being sneaky bastards…err sorry buggers. PG rated you know!

As I was saying, while we were looking at the new pricing Walmart has been raising the prices on some everyday items! See, bast…buggers!

Here are some items that I’ve noticed higher prices for:






Romaine lettuce – wah before the lettuce shortage

Cremini mushrooms

Kolbassa sausage

Chocolate milk

Chicken – whole

Hmmm…I’m drawing a blank on the rest but you get the point. We see you sneaky Walmart!

2 thoughts on “Walmart – Sneaky Buggers!

  1. Hmmm … yes, I think I understand what goes on now as it seems to be a pattern. I think that when Walmart is out of stock on a product, they advertise a sale on the said product. The sale is always a success as there’s never any stock left over.
    Hmmm … maybe I will get a job at Walmart just to see how it all goes down …


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