Hertha’s “Lemon Meringue Pie” Cake

Remember in my post “Aunt Paul’s Amazing Carrot Cake”, I said that I wasn’t much of a cake lover except this cake and one other? Well prepare yourselves for the other cake!

This recipe comes from my ex-boyfriend’s stepmother. I know, I know…who in the world still talks to ex’s anything? These are extraordinary circumstances I swear! My ex and I didn’t break up because we didn’t care for each other. I was diagnosed with ALS and I just didn’t want that for him.

That stuff really doesn’t matter because you are going to lovelovelove me for passing this recipe along! It’s so light and refreshing. And the best part? It’s so easy! If you’re feeling lazy, go to the grocery store and buy a store made Angel Food Cake. If not you can also buy a mix and bake one at home.



Angel Food Cake Pan

After you bake (or buy) your angel food cake let it cool. Then you’re going to slice it so you have three layers.

While the cake is cooling, open and make a store-bought lemon meringue pie kit. Just the lemon part. You’ll make the meringue later. Wrap the lemon pie filling with Saran wrap – right against the filling so that it doesn’t form a skin on top. Put it in the fridge to cool completely.

Once the filling is cold, whip up the meringue as directed with sugar and set aside. Whip up 1 cup of whipping cream and set aside. Gently fold lemon pie filling, meringue and whipped cream. This is your filling and icing.

You are going took like an A Star baker! Enjoy!

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