This Week’s Sales – Flyer Report

I would like to start by saying “Come On Metro! Get With The Program!”!!! I mean really? Both Walmart and Loblaws have had online shopping in this area for well over a year! What are you waiting for? It’s clearly a success here. I will add that should Metro get on board, I would dump Loblaws except for exceptional sales. If you have been watching the sales as closely as I have been – unlikely given the fact that living with ALS leaves me with waaaaay too much time on my hands – you would see that Metro has the same pricing as not only Loblaws but often Walmart as well.

The second thing I would like to say before the flyer report is this…Walmart, what are you doing? They have pricing advertised in their flyer this week as a sale price but I am sure is, or was at least, the regular price. This reminds me of the week that they sneakily raised the pricing of bread! I wonder if the same will happen here…

Anyways, your weekly flyer report is here!

Metro: Kraft peanut butter ($2.99!), Nutella ($2.99!), Smucker’s jam ($2.99!), extra lean ground beef, stewing beef, organic blackberries (cheaper than regular blackberries at Walmart), strawberries, blueberries, avocados, limes, kiwis, Post cereal, General Mill’s cereal, Kellogg’s cereal (all of the cereals are $2.99!), Hellman’s ($2.99!), Bick’s pickles ($2.99!), Miracle Whip ($2.99…okay a lot of things are $2.99!), Maple leaf bacon, Juicy Jumbo hotdogs (guess what price!), Astro or Activia yogurt, Nature Valley granola bars, croissants, VH sauces, Annie’s organic pasta dishes, Campbell’s ready to serve soups and 3 litres of Beatrice chocolate milk.

All of these sales are lower than not only Loblaws but Walmart’s pricing! Again, I ask Metro to provide online shopping!

Loblaws: Top Sirloin oven roasts, PC free from whole chickens, PC frozen raw peeled shrimp (half price), Old Mill bagels or english muffins, Nestle bottled water (24 for $1.88), Aylmer canned tomatoes, Clover Leaf tuna, PC frozen fruit, chicken breasts skinless boneless and Lantic sugar.

Walmart: Country Harvest or Villaggio bread, Gain laundry detergent, Tropicana OJ,  Chapman’s sorbet or novelties, Maple Leaf chicken thighs or drumsticks, red grapes, zucchini, Atoulfo mangoes, High Liner catch of the day fillets (if you can find them), Maxwell House coffee, Chef Boyrdee, Bear Paws (on sale for their regular price? Whaaaa?), Cracker Barrel cheese (shredded or blocks), Cashmere toilet paper, numerous varieties of paper towels, Snuggle fabric softener, Ziplock bags and Glad garbage bags.

Walmart often extends a sale price without advertising it. For example, last week they had Neilson butter in their flyer for $2.97. It still is that price even though Walmart is not advertising anymore. If you missed it, stock up now!

Tell me…wouldn’t you omit Loblaws if Metro offered online shopping like Loblaws and Walmart? I sure would!

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