Falafel Patties

I loved falafel so I’m making sure that all of you have a recipe. This would be great with my hummus recipe! xo

Cooking Is My Sport

How was everyone’s holiday? You get any good presents? Eat any good food?

I hope the answer to both of those questions is yes. You deserve both.

Here we are at the end of 2017, and I feel like this year just flew by. My cooking and baking schedule for December is almost always hectic as I’m busy putting together recipes and posts for the 12 Days of Christmas series I do every year on the blog. Then all at once the holiday comes, the bustle is over and everything is calm and lax.

A lot of us have a tendency to indulge in a whole lot of sweet and not so lean treats during the holidays that after a while may feel like a sugar overload. I certainly love my carbs and sweets and I’ll never give them up–but after a while I too find myself craving leaner foods…

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6 thoughts on “Falafel Patties

    • After a night of drinking we always hit the Shwarma truck and always got this HUGE falafel in a pita, loaded with EVERYTHING! Can you imagine my breath the next morning? Ewwwwww…but sooooooo worth it! lol
      Happy New Year Carol! xoxo

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      • Yes, I can Lisa and I really need to try a falafel for myself it sounds awesome… Happy New Year my friend and I truly hope 2018 is kind to you and you are blessed with happiness, good health and lots of ice cream xoxo

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