Cranberry Orange Quick Bread

Before I talk about this post, I have a question. Does anyone know why I only get emails for some of the sites that I follow but not everyone?
Well, this Quick Bread recipe looks perfect for the season! Can you imagine making french toast with this cranberry orange bread? Delicious!
Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm, I want some! Enjoy!

Cooking Is My Sport

I’ll be completely honest with y’all: I have no idea what canned cranberry sauce tastes like. I’ve never tried it before in my life. Growing up, I would always see it on the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas but there was something about the mere sight of the stiff sliced rings that was off-putting to me. Why would it be called a ‘sauce’ when it resembled thin beets (which, I’ve never liked)? Plus, back then I thought it made no sense to want to eat something sweet with something as savory as turkey and dressing.

Nowadays I DO think it makes sense to eat cranberry sauce with turkey and dressing–I actually think it’s delicious…just so long as it’s homemade. Ever since I started making my own cranberry sauce it spurred a love for ALL things cranberry, specifically in baking.

I still had some fresh cranberries leftover from Thanksgiving that I…

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7 thoughts on “Cranberry Orange Quick Bread

  1. Good morning Lisa from sunny Thailand…I hope today is a good day for you?
    The answer to your question …It depends on how you signed up to read posts…Two options one is giving your email and you receive e-mail notifications or if you click to read in your WP reader then it appears there… I generally opt for the reader choice or my inbox would be overflowing…Enjoy tur icecream today x

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    • Hi Carol! Today was great AND I had soooooooo much ice cream! Yay for me! I hope you are well?!
      On the other subject – but Carol, I’ve only ever signed up to follow the blogs in the Reader. I have only signed for emails for a small number of blogs and not the one’s that I’m getting emails for. xo

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      • Gremlins then sweetie…I am well a bit of a sore throat but if I ignore it, it will go away…I checked out some Christmas pudding icecream but am guessing you have to eat smooth icecream but I am sure if it was blitzed the flavour would still be there..The search continues 🙂 Have a lovely day xoxo.

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