Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

My birthday is tomorrow so this post may be very late! Sorry but this week is ALL about me!

Sobeys only has one sale worth mentioning and it’s fresh Alantic salmon portions for $3.49 each.

For tips on how to save money grocery shopping, follow this link…

Grocery Shopping – How to save the most


Yup this post isn’t going to happen! Sorry but today I turn 43! I woke up at 10 and my caretaker fed me ice cream! Woohoo! Then my Father came with his friend Earl. Earl played the guitar and they both sang to me! I had a concert in my hospital room! Another Woohoo! Then my cousin Alison came with some pink roses! Woohoo!

Tomorrow my whole family is coming for ice cream cake! ICE CREAM CAKE! Woohoo!

What I’m saying is, I’M TOO BUSY! lol


5 thoughts on “Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely start to your Birthday, Lisa …I am sure it will continue for a few days have a lovely time with your family and I wish you a very happy birthday with lots of cake and ice cream…Hugs from sunny Thailand x

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