Random Thoughts And Other Things – 2

Do any of you watch HGTV? I may – MAY – have a slight addiction to watching the channel. In fact, my TV is usually left on it. It really just provides background noise so that I don’t have to listen to the daily, and nightly sounds of hospital living. I will admit that I DO watch certain programs regularly and I have a problem with some of their practices! I hate watching them go to town during a demolition, smashing everything in their path and sending it to the landfill! WHY?? I don’t understand why they send some stuff to our landfills! We are such a wasteful society. Most kitchen cabinets could be used by someone so donate or sell them. Those big mirrors that they always smash because they’re not in style anymore? Cut them down and/or frame them! Does this bother anyone else?

Did anyone try making your own home-made no churn ice cream? I’m telling you, the one that Aunt Paul made me with roasted peaches and bourbon is TO DIE FOR! I am transported to Heaven every time I eat it! You have to try it!

Has anyone noticed that they have started playing commercials for the new line-up of shows for the Fall? Whaaa happened?

They need to invent a machine that writes everything that I’m thinking. Boy, would I take you all on an adventure with my thoughts!  You wouldn’t be able to keep up, I think. My thoughts are all over the place. I start thinking about, say…HGTV okay? I design my perfect tiny house (which I’ve actually done), then I think about putting it on some land which leads me to thinking about gardening. I plan my garden, what I would plant and how great it would be to cook with all the fresh produce that I’d grow, which leads me to thinking about the garden my Mom planted when I was about 12. Yeah, I know that’s a jump! This garden went crazy with the pumpkins that Mom planted. They were crazy! They grew under the fence and filled our neighbors yard! lol Which leads me to thinking about Stacey, my lifelong friend who lived down the street. She has been battling breast cancer for the last while and I HATE that! I love this woman and I don’t want her suffering. Which leads me to…

Are you lost yet? If you stay in my mind longer, you will be! lol

Enough about me… here are some yummy recipes that I’ve found during my days lately by other bloggers.

Let’s start with the yummy no churn sugar roasted peach pie ice cream!

I’m drooling over these double chocolate zucchini cookies with sea salt.

Corn is starting to be ready and one of my favourite bloggers posted this amazing looking creamed corn pasta with fried herbs.

If anyone thinks they do not like salmon, this recipe will make you a lover! Easy honey chipotle salmon.

I love a Greek salad and adding quinoa to it makes it even healthier. The only thing that I would change is instead of red wine vinegar, I would use fresh lemon juice in this Greek quinoa salad.

I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own home-made pop tarts!

I would have loved eating these drunken pork chops.

Are you still with me? I’m hoping some of you are because I need help. It’s life and death important! Which, this is important, which no churn ice cream recipe should I try next? Between these 2, which one??

No churn blueberry cheesecake ice cream


Malted vanilla a peanut butter cup chip!

Of course Aunt Paul would have to adapt them so there wouldn’t be any chunks BUT I have already figured out how! Oh, by the way we have named Aunt Paul’s kitchen “Umpa’s Bakery and Sweets Factory”! heehee

Happy long weekend!

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 2

  1. Some programs have started to donate old kitchen cabinets BUT not all. My brother John build his first house using used windows, doors etc…. from this place on Cedarview Road but its not there any more. They would get donated stuff from people renovating their homes and the guy would sell things at a very reasonable price. This helped re-use doors, windows, sinks, counter tops, medicine cabinets, mirrors, door handles, bath tubs etc…….

    I’m not sure about which ice cream you should ask me to make next but was it not the banana, chocolate one????

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    • Also, I think that there is a Habitat For Humanity re-use it store on Merivale rd. They take donations of cabinets from renovations and everything else that comes from renovations. They sell that stuff but you can also get new things that get donated as extras from work sites. I’ve bought paint (it was tinted but beautiful), a sink and we were thinking about buying a sliding patio door that was brand new and $200 less than Home Depot.

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      • Habitat is a great idea – my crew built 4 houses in Costa Rica – I lived in a habitat house with a local family while we were building- materials were scarse – in Canada they’re expensive – agreed how we need to get better at repurposing stuff – great comments Lisa


  2. Haha when you said you had a lot on your mind, that definitely was no exaggeration. Those recipes look so good, not to mention that homemade ice cream there. I used to be addicted to HGTV and always wondered the same exact thing, why demolish everything when it be put to good use elsewhere, right? I would always think of all the ways those items can be repurposed.

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