Weekly Flyer Review – Grocery

I was planning on going through everything despite the fatigues that I’m feeling this week but then I had a visitor. A visitor that has stressed me out so much that I just don’t have the energy for the full post. Faackin family won’t let me die in peace!

This week I’m going to target my advice. Kim, you are going to shop at Loblaws and Walmart.

You are going to go to Loblaws and go to the customer service desk. I want you to get yourself a PC Plus points card. Anyone who doesn’t have one, you can get one too. Then, you’re going to download Flipp to your phone so you can show the cashier the sales at other stores. Then you’ll get the lower price without burning gas driving all over the city AND you’re earning points with your new PC Plus card that will turn into free groceries!

At Walmart you are going to get the things that you need but are not on sale anywhere. Walmart usually has the best price. The exception is Amazon. For a reason that I’ve yet to discover, Amazon often matches Walmart’s pricing on pantry staples and household supplies. If you want to earn money buying these things, follow the link below and join Ebates.

Here is why you are starting at Loblaws…

Loblaws: PC frozen raw shrimp (not peeled) – $6.99, Kraft peanut butter – $2.99, lean ground beef or extra lean ground turkey or chicken – $3.49 lb ( that’s ~$4 for each ground turkey Kim), PC free from whole chicken or pork side ribs – $2.49 lb, Lactancia butter – $2.99, Clover Leaf tuna – .99¢, colossal cherries – $2.99 lb, PC salad dressings or croutons – $1.99, Dare Bear Paws or cookies – $1.99 and Breyer’s Creamery style ice cream – $3.99.

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Walmart: red grapes – .97¢ lb (super cheap), Becel margarine 2 lb – $3.97, Smithfield bacon – $2.97, romaine lettuce – .97¢, Minute Maid or Fruitopia juices 1.75 L – $1.37, International Delight creamers 946 ml – $3.87, Chapman’s original ice cream or novelties – $2.47 and Great Value ice cream (made with Canadian milk in a nut free facility) – $2.97. Crap! I missed Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties for $4.47 not advertised. Walmart often has price Roll Backs that are NOT advertised so you can’t use Flipp which is why you’re shopping at both Loblaws AND Walmart right? Right!

Link to Walmart Flyer

Metro: extra-large beefsteak tomatoes – .99¢, limes 1 lb – $2.99, boneless pork loin centre chops or roast – $1.99, Irristibles cranberry cocktail, lemonade, iced tea, Allen’s, Rougemont, or Oasis juices 1.89 L – 2 L – $1.99, Oasis orange juice jugs 2.5 L – $3.99, Kraft salad dressing – $1.99, Selection cheese blocks – $3.99, Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.49, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream -$3.99 and Chapman’s sorbet – $2.99.

Link to Metro Flyer

Sobeys: sweet Ontario corn – 6 for $1.98, pint of blueberries – $1.99, pork back ribs – $2.99 lb, Neilson chocolate milk 1 L – .99¢, Nestle bottled water 24 or Minute Maid OJ – $1.99, Chapman’s premium ice cream or frozen yogurt – $3.33, Dempsters bagels or 7″ tortillas – $2.99 and Oasis Hydrafruit juices – $2.99.

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Food Basics: broccoli or whole white mushrooms – .97¢, Black Diamond cheese blocks – $4.44, sirloin tip steaks AA – $3.97 lb, Kiwis package – $2.88, large watermelon – $3.49, Summer Fresh dips or Brandt kolbassa chubs 200 – 300 g – 2 for $5, The Laughing Cow 8 or Babybel 6 – $2.99, Tropicana OJ or Blends 1.65 – 1.75 L – $3.99, Oasis OJ 2.5 – 2.63 L – $3.99, Pringle’s – $1.99, Schneider bacon – $3.99, cherries – $2.88 lb and VILLAGGIO, DEMPSTER’S BAGELS, DEMPSTER’S 7″ TORTILLAS, DEMPSTER’S SMART, SMOOTH MULTIGRAINS, DEMPSTER’S BURGER BUNS, DEMPSTER’S HOT DOG BUNS, DEMPSTER’S WHITE, 100% WHOLE WHEAT BREADS, DEMPSTER’S WHOLEGRAIN BREADS 272 – 675 G – 2 for $5.

Link to Food Basics Flyer

FreshCo: D’Angelo vegetable oil 3 L – $2.99, Maple Leaf Prime air chilled chicken drumsticks or thighs – $1.99 lb, romaine lettuce – .69¢, sweet potatoes – .79¢, English cucumbers – .79¢, cantaloupes – $1.49, strawberries 454 g – $1.77, Maple Leaf canned flaked meat – .99¢, Tropicana Tropics or Watermelon juice 1.75 L – $1.44, 4 pack sweet peppers – $2.49, cherries – $2.77, Cedar Bakery Lebanese pita – .88¢, Johnsonville breakfast, dinner or smoked sausages – $2.99 and Silani mozzarella ball 260 g, ricotta 300 g or cherry bocconcini 130 g – $1.99.

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Well, that turned into a full post and kept my mind busy! I’m tired now and sad so I’ll leave you with a link to Ebates and happy shopping…

Link to Ebates


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