Weekly Flyer Blah Blah Blah And My Thoughts

Last week’s flyer review was a doozy wasn’t it? I expected lots of comments after everyone read that one. Sadly, there were none.:(

I have decided that I will only list the 3 best sales for each store going forward. It takes me 3, three, days to prepare, work on and post each flyer review and I feel like it’s not truly worth it. Especially considering I feel like it’s not being read.

I will provide you all with the links to the flyers, the top 3 sales and any news of grocery advertising campaigns.

Food Basics: International Delight creamers 473 ml – $1.97, large cherries – $1.67 lb, lean ground beef family packs – $2.97 lb

Link to Food Basics Flyer

FreshCo: strawberries 454 g – $1.44, Black Diamond cheese blocks – $3.99, pork back ribs or tenderloin frozen 2 packs – $2.99 lb

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Metro: Irresistables ground chicken or turkey 450 g – $2.99 each, Kraft peanut butter 750 g – 1 kg or Nutella 375 g – $2.99, broccoli – 2 for $3.00

Link to Metro Flyer

I will expand the sales if somebody asks.

Loblaws: PC frozen fruit – $2.99, PC fresh Parmigiano 40 % off – $3.49 / 100 g, PC kettle chips or tortilla chips – $1.99

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Walmart: yellow peaches or nectarines – $1.47 lb, Armstrong cheese blocks – $3.77, Gallo extra virgin olive oil 1 L – $5.97

Link to Walmart Flyer

For those of you that missed last weeks flyer review, I spent some time talking about Walmart but it’s too hard for me to type again. See previous post. Happy shopping!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Flyer Blah Blah Blah And My Thoughts

  1. How about juices for the kids. I price match juice every week – five alive, Tropicana, etc. I also love the cheese bar prices.


    • Would you like the small juice boxes or the larger ones? Or both? The cheeses are crazy cheap right now and they freeze well. You would not believe how expensive they are in BC! My sister moved there last year and I ordered them some groceries! I couldn’t believe it myself! Triple the price! Triple!


  2. We all love hearing about your stories, the deals you find, your thoughts, your family recipes, your good days and bad. We appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into your blog. If you have lost the loving feeling for the flyers then be the princess in Frozen and Let it Go, make it shorter, add links to the flyer to save on the typing or maybe if someone is looking for a deal on a particular item you can focus on that and share the love. You are in control of this and we will all support you with whatever you want to do. You have built a beautiful community and even if only a few comments come in know that we love you, we support you and we are inspired by you with every post no matter the subject or length.


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