The Weekly Flyer Report For Groceries

Last week was Metro’s time to shine. This week Walmart is the prize winner…with a few exceptions of course. This week’s flyer report is going to be short because I’m lagging today.

Walmart: Neilson chocolate milk ( it’s on sale for $1 which was the regular price before they started their ‘New Lower Prices” advertising campaign), Maple Leaf whole chickens, sweet peppers – 3 pack, Cashmere toilet paper, Gain laundry detergent is still on sale, Kellogg’s FruitLoops or Frosted Flakes, Dempster’s grain breads ($2), Old El Paso meal kits, Mott’s Clamato, KD 4 pack, Doritos, Black Diamond 16 pack cheesestrings, McCain’s everything and Sponge Towels paper towel.

Walmart flyer

Metro: chicken breasts, pork centre loin roast or chops, pork side ribs, raspberries, Vidalia onions, mangoes, lemons, Bolthouse mini carrots, Classico pasta sauce, Unico – just about everything Unico, Heinz ketchup, Irresitbles frozen fruit and Terra vegetable chips.

Metro flyer

Loblaws: Cracker Barrel cheese – blocks or shredded, aMooza Twists cheese strings, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Breyer’s Creamery style ice cream, Chef Boyardee, Heinz beans, Campbell’s ready to eat soups, Italpasta various pastas, Dare Bear Paws ($1.99 same at Metro), chicken breast fillets, sirloin tip beef roasts, PC raw frozen shrimp, extra lean ground beef and little Maple Leaf hams.

Loblaws flyer

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