Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

Last week one of my followers commented about the “sale” price of Bick’s pickles and I wanted to take a moment to address it. Walmart – and Loblaws – often advertise products that are the regular price. It is very sneaky of them because you think that you’re getting a deal but you really aren’t. Sneaky buggers!

Remember a couple of weeks ago that I pointed out that Walmart were advertising green onions for a supposed sale price of sixty-seven cents when  their normal price was fifty-seven cents? This week the flyer is advertising them for fifty-seven cents AND Walmart says that that’s their regular price! Which is it Walmart?! See, sneaky buggers!

Have you all signed up for Ebates? I hope that you have so that you can start earning money for anything and everything you purchase online! With Amazon taking over Whole Foods, they are really getting into the grocery business. They are already offering full-on grocery shopping in the States and for us Canadians, Amazon has started offering new and exciting grocery products. They are already price matching many pantry and household items to Walmart’s pricing which is great for everyone who are signed up to Ebates. That means you are earning money just because you’re buying the things that you would have bought anyways! Yay you!! And it’s only a matter of time before Amazon offers us Canadians full grocery shopping. If you have not signed up for Ebates (it’s free), I will provide a link for you. If you are in the States or over-seas, click on the link for Ebates and they will direct you to the International site. Then you can earn money for online shopping too!

Link to Ebates

Metro: organic strawberries 454 g or blackberries 170 g – 2 for $5, blueberries pint – $2.99, black grapes – $1.88 lb, Dempster’s English muffins – $1.99, lean ground beef value pack – $2.99 lb, fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs – $1.99 lb, Highliner Catch of the Day or Marinated Fillets – $9.99 (last week they were $8.99 but it’s still a decent sale), Del Monte canned vegetables – .99¢, Habitant soups – $1.99, Becel margarine – $1.99, Europe’s Best frozen fruit – $3.99, Nestle bottled wafer – $1.88 and Nestle Parlour ice cream or novelties – $2.99.

Link to Metro Flyer

Sobeys: dill pickles, white potatoes or field tomatoes 1.3 L baskets, nectarines 3 L, peaches 2 L or yellow plums 1.5 L – $3.99, Chapman’s sundae, gelato or novelties – $1.99, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream – $4.99, Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties – $4.44, Maxwell House ground coffee large tin – $5.99, Campbell’s ready to serve soups – 3 for $5, Unico beans – .99¢, Annie’s organic mac & cheese – $1.99, Que Pasa organic tortilla chips – $2.99, Clover Leaf tuna, Ocean’s Light tuna, Primo pasta sauce or Heinz beans – .99¢, Kashi cereal or Simply juices – $2.99, Dempster’s grain breads, 7″ tortillas or bagels – $2.49 and porkloin centre chops – $1.99 lb.

Link to Sobeys Flyer

FreshCo: red or green grapes – $1.49 lb, celery – .99¢, cauliflower – $1.77, romaine lettuce – .69¢, large watermelons, 3 L field tomatoes or white potatoes – $2.77, avocados 4 pack – $2.99, lemons 2 lb – $2.88, Dempster’s grain breads or bagels – $2.49, Brandt kolbassa – $3.49, Silani feta 170 – 200 g – $2.99 and Redpath granulated sugar 2 kg – $1.79.

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Food Basics: boneless pork loin rib or sirloin halves – $1.47 lb, Marc Angelo Italian sausages or burgers – $3.99, zucchini – .88¢ lb, blueberry pints, strawberries 454 g or cauliflower – 3 for $5, Kraft peanut butter 750 g – 1 kg, Nutella or Smucker’s jams – $2.88, Quaker Harvest Crunch (Mom loved this), General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios (another of Mom’s favourites) or Post Shreddies – $2.88, Quaker granola bars or Christie crackers – $1.67, large watermelons or Washington cherries – $2.88 (lb for cherries), lemons or clementines 2 L – $2.98, romaine hearts or celery hearts – 2 for $5, sweet corn – 6 for $1.88, Ocean Spray cocktails – $2.49, Quaker oatmeal or oats – $2.99, Maple Leaf Flakes – .99¢, Dole fruit cups, pouches or Mott’s Fruitsations – $1.99 and Villagio Italian style bread or buns – $2.27.

Link to Food Basics Flyer

Loblaws: beef tenderloin – $10.99 lb, PC frozen large raw peeled shrimp – $6.99 (great price), Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.49, cinnamon buns 8 – $4, PC dairy free coconut milk ice creams – $3.99, Breyer’s Gelato – $4.99 (sooooo good), Ahhhhh, school supplies…and Bear Paws – $2.

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Walmart: large watermelons – $2.66, fresh Italian sausage trays – $1.77 lb, Dr. Oetker or Casa di Mama frozen pizza – $2.97, red mangoes – .97¢, Dempster’s 10″ tortillas – $3, Clover Leaf flavoured tuna (great for salads) or skipjack – $1, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce – $1.97, Quaker granola bars – $1.44, Kool-Ade Jammers – $1.97, Simply Orange 2.63 L – $4.47, Black Diamond cheese strings 16 – $4.97 and school supplies – sadly.

Link to Walmart Flyer

Happy shopping!

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