Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

For this week, the sales at Sobeys, Metro and Loblaws suck! Can I say that? Too late I guess because it’s been said. Sadly, it is also true. Don’t you hate how some places raise prices right before a long weekend? Like gas? Bastards!

Anyway, you don’t care that Loblaws does not have great sales because you have gotten your PC Plus point card AND you have downloaded Flipp to your phones so that you can get the sales at other stores at Loblaws! Right?

Let me offer some advice on how to make doing that easier. First, read my blog or the flyers and make a list. Make sure to write down what store has the best price on that item. Second, gather your flyers – if you do not have a smart phone – and off to Loblaws you go. Shop the items on your list. Third, before you check-out you’re going to want to organize your cart. The cashier and the people behind you in line will thank you! Put all the items on sale at say, FreshCo together so when you get to them at the cash, you can easily open Flipp to that Flyer  – or the actual flyer – and show the cashier. Do that for everything that you’ve found for a better price elsewhere. Easy peasy!

Your next stop is Walmart and/or Amazon. Because you’ve joined Ebates right? Because you want to earn money every time you shop online, I know that you have! I will provide the link for Ebates for all of my newcomers. If you’re in the States or overseas, follow the link and Ebates will guide you to the proper site.

Link to Ebates

Sobeys: lean ground beef – $3.49 lb, Nestle Parlour ice cream or novelties – $2.99, Pringle’s – $1.99, Bick’s pickles – $2.99 and Aquafina sparkling water – $2.99.

Link to Sobeys Flyer

Metro: blueberries or cauliflower – $1.88, Summer Fresh hummus and green goddess dip – buy 1 @ $3.49 and get the other free, croissants 12 – $3.99, top sirloin value pack steaks or roast AA – $4.99 lb, Minute Maid frozen fruit cocktail or lemonade – 2 for $1, Heinz canned beans, pasta, Snack Pack pudding, Ocean’s tuna or Clover Leaf – .99¢, Lactancia cream or Activia yogurt 650 g – $2.99 and Nestle Real Dairy ice cream – $3.99.

Link to Metro Flyer

Loblaws: chicken breasts or thighs – $3.99 lb, extra lean ground beef – $3.99 lb, Nestle bottled water 24 – $1.88, Ocean’s Spray cocktails – $2.99, PC tortillas chips – $1.99, Hunt’s tomato paste or pasta sauce – .99¢ and Philadelphia cream cheese – $2.49.

Link to Loblaws Flyer

Food Basics: Tre Stelle bocconcini or ricotta tubs 200 -475 g – $3.88, Tre Stelle feta 1 kg – $13.88, dill cucumbers 3 L, yellow plums 1.5 L or peaches 3 L – $3.88, green or yellow zucchini – .88¢ lb, mangoes – .88¢, cauliflower – $1.88, green beans – $1.88 lb, clementines or lemons 2 L – $2.98, strawberries 454 g – $2.88, romaine hearts 3 pack – $2.88, Dempster’s deluxe buns, Villagio bread or buns – 2 for $4.88, Gay Lea cottage cheese 500 g – $2.88, Liberte or Oikos Greek yogurt 750 g – $4.88, Haddad Lebanese style pita – .88¢, Gay Lea sour cream – $1.88, Allen’s apple juice – $1.88, Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties – $4.49, Nestle Real Dairy ice cream – $3.99, Nestle sundaes – $1.99 (don’t buy this crap! spend $2 more and get the real dairy), Unico black olives – .88¢, Old El Paso taco kits or salsa – $2.99, Diana or Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce – $1.99, Kool-Aid Jammers – $1.88, Crap this is a lot, Kraft salad dressings – $1.88, Europe’s Best frozen fruit – $3.88, Dainty Super Patna rice 8 kg – $6.88, fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs value pack – $1.77 lb, sweet corn – 12 for $1.97 and avocados 4 pack – $1.88.

Link to Food Basics Flyer

FreshCo: iceberg lettuce or celery – $1.00, blueberries pint – $1.50, Astro yogurt 650 -750 g – $1.50, Fletcher’s bacon 500 g – $3.00, black or red plums – $1.50 lb, Tostitos tortilla chips or salsa – $2.00, Shopsy’s deli fresh wieners – $2.00, Brandt kolbassa chubs 250 g – $3.50, Imperial margarine 454 g – $1.00, Clark beans – $1.00, Compliments sparkling water 12 cans – $2.99, Compliments cranberry cocktail 1.89 L – $1.99, Compliments mustard – .99¢, E.D. Smith jam 500 ml $2.00 and Grace coconut milk or water – .87¢.

Link to FreshCo Flyer

Walmart: Maple Leaf chicken drumsticks or thighs – $1.97 lb, cherries – $1.66 lb (soooo cheap!), Dempster’s grain breads – $1.97 (great price so if you have room in your freezer buy extra), Tropicana juices 1.75 L – $1.97 (cheap), Heinz ketchup 1 L – $2.47, hmmmm, they have green onions listed at a sale price of .67¢ but they usually have them for .57¢…weird, Simply orange juice or lemonade 2.63 L – $4.47, Haagen-Dazs ice cream or novelties – $4.47, Black Diamond cheese slices 24 – $2.97 and Ahhhhh! School Supplies! What the heck?!

Link to Walmart Flyer

Happy shopping and have a fun and safe long weekend!

One thought on “Weekly Flyer Review – Groceries

  1. Thank you Lisa – once again another through analysis and multiple stores for the best deals. I am floored by 1.88 for 4 avocados!!!!! Wild fluctuations!!!! Wonder if they’ll have any left and if not try to sub for organic at triple the price….we shall soon find out!

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