The Culinary Alphabet …The letter B

Here is great post written by my wonderful friend Carol! It not only teaches us some culinary terms starting with the letter B but she includes a recipe for Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks. Yummy!
Yesterday my computer almost bit the dust AND the person this hospital hired to cover the 2 people who normally work with patients who use computers to communicate – so basically their lifeline – KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS! Wuhaaaaa?! Thankfully, I was able to get my lifeline working with the help of a very patient nurse!
Oh well, life continues at St. Vincent’s Hospital…
Happy cooking!


THE Culinary Alphabet collage letter B

Hello from sunny Thailand and welcome to my monthly post on the Recipe Hunter… I do hope that you enjoyed last months post which was the first in my culinary tour through the alphabet…This month is the letter B.

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Umpa’s Pickled Beets With Horseradish

Do you like beets? It took me until my late teens to even get introduced to them and it was through these pickled beets with horseradish. I fell in love with beets after one bite...and, I guess horseradish too! But oh, my very missed beets! I loved beets so much that when I started losing … Continue reading Umpa’s Pickled Beets With Horseradish