Random Thoughts And Other Things – 9

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and over the weekend we lived through 2 tornadoes! There was no power at the hospital on Saturday, just the back up generators. No cable, no Internet access. Today, many people are still with no power and many people have lost their homes.

It’s unbelievable really. Ottawa is not a typical place for tornadoes. Only in recent years have the storms grown in strength. It is incredible what Mother Nature can do. Many people were hurt but I think that we are lucky because as of now, no one has lost their lives to the storm. People have lost homes, personal possessions, food and cars. But not lives which in the end, is what really matters.

Here are some pictures of the aftermath…


I hope that all of my family and friends are safe. I’m watching the News as I write this post and it really is amazing how people come together to help one another after a disaster like this! Wouldn’t it be great if we could live together like this without the disaster? I’m thankful that so many people are out there helping their neighbors. I only wish that I could do the same. I will help by offering you all my prayers and love.

If you can help, here is the link for the GoFundMe page…

Ottawa Senators GoFundMe Ottawa Tornado

Now, some recipes to use foods instead of using the big bins to throw out food spoils. I pray that you don’t lose much…

Use up your frozen ground beef and tater tots! Tater Tot Casserole

Use up the contents of your fridge with… Breakfast Bruschetta

Have some chicken breasts in your freezer? Try this Balsamic Italian Chicken!

Have some shrimp in the freezer? Try this Roasted Red Pepper Shrimp Risotto

And one of mine, Nanny’s Tourtiere!

Be safe everyone and happy cooking! xo

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 9

  1. I can relate to your article. I live in North Carolina and Hurricane Florence just ravished parts of my state as well.The devastating effects of these storms is horrendous, but sometimes I wonder if the lessons NOT LEARNED are even more horrendous.

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