Random Thoughts And Other Things – 5

Halloween has taken over the internet! I have to be honest, I have always had a love/hate relationship with Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dressing up, candy and home-made spooky treats! But see, my birthday is Friday and growing up my birthday parties always – ALWAYS – turned into birthday/Halloween parties. Okay, they WERE fun but I just wanted a birthday party. Imagine how Christmas babies must feel. My Mom and Aunt Paul were/are New Year’s babies. That had to suck! Okay, I’ll take Halloween! lol

Have you seen the crazy amount of Halloween baking ideas that are hitting the blogs lately? There are some amazingly talented people out there! Melted witch brownies look not only funny but super yummy! I’ll find that recipe and post it below. It literally looks like the green witch from The Wizard of Oz – hello favourite movie – is melting on top of your brownie! Sooooo funny!

Melted Witch Brownies

I have been watching a lot of HGTV and you Americans are incredibly lucky! It is crazy – CRAZY – how cheap, sorry inexpensive, it is to remodel homes there! Of course, some areas are more expensive than others but MAN, it’s sooooooo much cheaper than here in Canada. I was watching – I’ll look for a YouTube video – Beachfront Bargain Hunt – Renovation the other night and it was on the coast of Virginia. This woman bought a hundred year old farmhouse for $115,000.00! That in itself is an amazing price BUT then she had a $85,000.00 budget for renovations AND she came under budget at $82,000.00! And she did the kitchen, both bathrooms, opened up walls, created walls to create MORE indoor space and built an incredible outdoor fireplace! It wasn’t some dinky fire pit either. It was this crazy – wow, I can’t stop saying crazy – huge stone fireplace on a huge stone sitting area. I mean, that fireplace alone in Canada would be soooooooo much money. I think that it would be about $30,000 for just the landscaping she did here in Canada, if not more! It’s CRAZY! lol

Lucky Americans!

Link to Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation Cape Charles Virginia

Anyhoo, it is getting late and I’m going cross-eyed! One last thought about HGTV – stop destroying good things and throwing it in our landfills! Peace out!

For my lactose intolerant friends, try this Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

These Spiced Cider Glazed Apple Bars make me drool!

Who doesn’t love one pot dinners and this Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole looks delicious!

Mmmmmmm, this Cheesy Chicken Tamale Pie? Just yum!

One last one…OMG, pleasepleaseplease make these Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and tell me how they are!?

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 5

  1. You always make me smile Lisa and I hear you..not that my birthday is on any particular day but I know friends who do or have and it sucks a little…I always buy separate presents I think there must be nothing worse than 1 present for both occasions.. Halloween is what it is and my thoughts are like yours 🙂

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