Random Thoughts And Other Things – 4

Today I woke up knowing the date. This never happens to me but today is a day that I will never forget. On this day, five years ago my husband, my love and my friend passed away after his struggle with ALS. I miss him very much! His battle with ALS was very different from mine. John progressed very quickly and ended up on a ventilator after coming to the hospital just a short year later. On this day, five long years ago, I held my loves hand while they gave him the drugs needed to keep my John comfortable and turned the machines off.

My husband loved eating and good quality foods! He also loved eating junk at places like Arby’s and Swiss Chalet! Ohhhh, how I miss Swiss Chalet too. Not being able to eat was very hard on my John. We would sit together and talk about recipes, restaurants and the foods we grew up loving!

So todays post is for my John! I love and miss you! You would have loved these! xoxo

  1. Roasted beef tenderloin with mushrooms and white wine cream sauce…ummm yum!
  2. Roasted garlic parmesan herb pull apart bread to go with our spaghetti nights!
  3. Slow cooker taco soup for those cold winter nights!
  4. This is one of mine but my John would have loved it – slow cooker pot roast!
  5. Okay, okay…this one is for me – chocolate zucchini cake!

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Other Things – 4

  1. It’s almost a year later that I’m reading this but my heart goes out to you – what a wonderful post. The photographs are wonderful! What a happy time together you had, when you had it. Thanks for giving readers a glimpse! 💕

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