Just A Quick Post…

Today was the ALS Walk here in Ottawa, Ontario. I want to thank all of you that donated and/or participated in the Walk! I have not been feeling well this week so it’s even more important to me that you spent your Saturday walking on my behalf. And for those who are living with this disease not to mention those of us who have already lost their battle!

I spent my day mostly sleeping but I have been able to find some delicious recipes posted by other bloggers and websites. I thought that instead of spending a couple of hours trying to type one of my recipes, I’ll just pass them along.

Thank all of you again!

  1. This first recipe is a one pan wonder! I’m completely wishing that I had thought of it myself! I love both salmon and asparagus so this One-Pot Salmon Asparagus is a winner!
  2. This next one is drool worthy. I mean, strawberries and cream cheese all rolled up with french toast? Sigh! Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast
  3. This next recipe comes from Cooking in Kentucky. A creamy avocado chicken salad that uses no mayo! It looks delish! avocado Chicken Salad
  4. I want, so so badly to fire up the BBQ just so I have an excuse to make this pasta salad. Since that can’t happen, I leave it to you! Parmesan Peppercorn Pasta Salad


Happy cooking everyone!

4 thoughts on “Just A Quick Post…

  1. Hey lil one! Hope you’re feeling a bit better today so we can buy more shares in various brands of ice cream seeing as how’ve single handedly changed the market. Although there was no ice cream at the walk yesterday, it was a great turn out and a beautiful day. There was lots of candy floss which was suspicious. So let me ask … when you rerouted the ice cream delivery truck to the hospital, did you expect there to be that much? I ask because the hospital called and said the cafeteria received the order and stored it in their freezers. The invoice was signed chikita banana.

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    • I am feeling better today and craving the only thing that I can eat by mouth! Sadly, the hospital refuses to feed me. I had to be sneaky and don an alter ego to get me some and now you’ve outed me! For shame cousin, for shame! heehee
      Next post will be all about ice cream! Woo-hoo!


  2. Hope you’re feeling better Lisa, we need your shopping wisdom, your wonderful combination of sarcasm and tourette’s (my personal favourite), and your recipes (whether they are yours or not). Sorry I couldn’t make the walk yesterday (we had to go out of town for my father in law’s birthday) but I was there in my mind and spirit.

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